1704 Free Elwynn elections

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The 1704 elections in the Free Area of the Elwynnese Republic are the second scheduled elections in Free Elwynn following the cessation of hostilities of the Second Elwynnese Civil War. A Prince, a congress, and comital assemblies (replacing the former bailiwicks) are to be elected. Elections are scheduled to take place throughout the first month of 1697. There are 638,000 registered electors.

Princely elections



First Round

Candidate Votes Percentage
Eki Verion 206,802 42.6%
Rost Pedressen 153.887 31.7%
Marcus Alondorion 74,759 15.4%
Ezabel Kaaq 50,002 10.3%
Total 485,449 100%

The turnout for the first round was 76%. Since none of the candidates received an outright majority, a second round between Eki Verion and Rost Pedressen was needed.

Congressional elections

The 1704 election saw the following result in the Congress:

Party Votes Percentage Seats
Verionist Union 198,336 41.6% 18
Holy Party of the Divine Icebear 120,843 25.3% 11
Ayreonist Independence Party 68,901 14.4% 6
Elwynnese Workers' Party 51,289 10.8% 5
Union for Truth and Beauty 37,922 7.9% 3
Total valid votes 477,291 100% 43

Domestic consequences

The results of the elections gave the Holy Party of the Divine Icebear a crucial role in Elwynnese politics. Verionist Union leader Stephen Lewis called upon the party to endorse a VU-HPDI coalition, and continue the government. However, HPDI chairman Xoxu Pickling stated his intention to hold "consultative talks" with the other parties to see if a government without the VU could be formed. Meanwhile, the Ayreonists and socialists threw their support behind Rost Pedressen, endangering the continued government of Eki Verion. In response, the current government announced that the councillors supporting Pedressen would immediately lose their positions, and that the second round of the Princely elections would not take place until a coalition had been formed. This stirred unrest among supporters of Pedressen, and the HDPI refused to enter talks with the VU. Nevertheless, several congressmembers for the AIP and the EWP did not want to enter into an anti-VU coalition.


Unable to resolve the political stalemate, several prominent Verionists including Stephen Lewis, entered secret talks with the Humanist government of continental Elwynn. A source within the Verionist camp was quoted as saying "these people are completely out of control. What do Icebearians and Ayreonist have without us? We are the reason that this state exists and so we should rule it". Prominent business leaders aligned with the Verionists expressed grave concerns for talks of nationalising private assets by Pedressen and his supporters. As neither side could be seen to be publicly negotiating with the other, a discrete contact group was established by commercial representatives of the Honourable Company and Princely Exploration and Trading Company who would meet "in-passing" for connecting flights at Svorgas International Airport.

The exposure of a supposed Ayreonist plot to "implement lasting and true democracy" in Free Elwynn, through popular protests, a coordinated media campaign, and special measures to take control of electoral services by Ayreonist cadres in the judiciary and civil service prior to the second round of voting, led to a domestic political scandal in Cimmeria and Raikoth that destroyed the last bonds of good faith between the political parties. The ensuing upheavals paved the way for the intervention of the Benacian Union Defence Force and a counterstroke directed by Calbion using Iron Company mercenaries against Blackstone Isle.

The benefit of the dialogue between the corporate proxies of the Benacian and Verionist forces would become apparent as the dual violations of the ceasefire following the Second Elwynnese Civil War did not lead to the feared outcomes of either a generalised naval war in the Great Western Sea nor a repeat of the Scouring on an intercontinental scale, but rather served as the overture to the commencement of a new round of direct negotiations hosted by warships of the two parties anchored alongside one another in the harbour of the Hurmudan port of Antonia in the District of the Warring Islands.