1705 Final Status Agreement

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Course of the negotiations

Agreed points

  1. The ensuing Peace will recognise both parties as being in possession of what they hold at the time of the formal cessation of hostilities.
  2. Cimmeria and Raikoth to be administered as a special autonomous region of the Benacian Union, allowing for the preservation of local customs and the protection of a "post-Verionist" political movement.
  3. All residents and faith communities of the CRSAR to sign and abide by the Union Covenant.
  4. Blackstone to be restored to the House of Verion under the protection of Calbion
  5. The successor of the Iron Company will be permitted to trade with Chryse, and to maintain trading posts in the CRSAR. Neither concession will entail extraterritorial privileges for the entities benefiting from this provision.
  6. The establishment of a general mutual fund for the payment of damages to civilian individuals and entities of either party for losses incurred during the conflict. Assets lost to confiscation, piracy, and enemy action, to be treated as non-recoverable. Payments to be covered by the issuance of bonds by the mutual fund.
  7. Concluding with a general mutual recognition treaty to define the future relations of the Benacian Union and Calbion.