Bovic mormons and Natopian hegemony

1691 Drak-Modani Fury elections

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The 1691 Drak-Modani Fury elections were scheduled to be conducted in 1689, but were first delayed until 1690 according to emergency chancellorial declarations due to the Drak-Modani Civil War and then delayed again until 1691 due to the Sanaman intervention in Drak-Modan. These were the first elections to be conducted under the 1690 constitution and after the 1685 Kurpla Conference created the positions of co-chancellors and co-monarchs. With Clara Sundara leaving Drak-Modan, and King John declaring himself separated from the Natopian-dominated House of Waffel-Paine, support for the Natopian-aligned Bagelcraticans in the Fury collapsed. In 1690, amid the growing turmoil of the Draconian Supremacy Movement, the Solidarity-Bagelcratican alliance entirely collapsed when nine Solidarity members refused to support Bagelcratican leader Arslan Djangirov as co-chancellor. A backroom deal between Solidarity party leader Kamil Gavrilov and Modani People's Union leader Davit Teimuraz resulted in the MPU dropping its anti-Natopian plank, Solidarity dropping its pro-immigration plank, and both parties adopting the populist Draconian supremacy agenda, as each party saw a use for it. Solidarity saw it as a way to promote Drak-Modani identity and unity, and the MPU saw it as a populist way to promote their brand of Humanism. The party leaders did not explicitly believe in the merits or pseudoscience espoused by Draconian supremacists, but adopted it as a political necessity as Draconian supremacy was sweeping the nation, encouraged by the charismatic Co-Monarchs of Drak-Modan.

With the two largest parties controlling a supermajority of The Fury, it was easy to elect themselves Co-Chancellors of Drak-Modan, amend the constitution and alter laws to promote Draconian supremacy, and usher in an era of Draconian supremacy and Drak-Modani exceptionalism. Before the elections were conducted, largely due to fear of either party gaining a simply majority, the Solidarity Party and the Modani People's Union agreed to appear on the ballots together as a single coalition, the Committee for United Modani Solidarity.

Party Initials Party Leader(s) Ideology Colour Seats
CUMS Committee for United Modani Solidarity Kamil Gavrilov & Davit Teimuraz Populism, pragmatic centrism, pro-Raspur, Natopian-tolerant, Nativism, Draconian supremacy couched in Human supremacy, anti-immigration, [[wikipedia:Conformity|Drak-Modani solidarity] Purple
289 / 400
BBP Benacian Bagelcratican Party Arslan Djangirov Progressive, Pro-Raspur, pro-Natopian, Waffel-Paine sympathizers, pro-immigration, free trade, anti-Draconian supremacy Green
75 / 400
BfB Benacia for Benacians Boghos Aygul Reactionary, anti-Raspur, anti-Natopian, racist nativists, tariff system, isolationism, Draconian-neutral Maroon
32 / 400
SC Straight Alliance Lusineh Nazaretian Anti-Draconian, Straight visibility, Heterosexual rights, token representatives elected from the four Straight Protection Zones Pink
4 / 400