Arslan Djangirov

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Arslan Djangirov
Grand Chancellor of Drak-Modan
In office (in exile)
1684 – pres.
Supreme Judge Clara Sundara
Preceded by Kamil Gavrilov
Succeeded by Incumbent
Born 1651
Political Party Benacian Bagelcratican Party

Arslan Djangirov is the Grand Chancellor of Drak-Modan following the Natopian intervention in Drak-Modan which saw Solidarity Party members defect from Kamil Gavrilov to elect Djangirov as chancellor. Gavrilov, who still commanded the loyalty of most of the military and security forces in the capital, took physical possession of the Fury chamber, barring Djangirov and the Bagelcraticans from entering. He currently leads the Royalist faction in the Drak-Modani Civil War against Kamil Gavrilov.

He was only 30 years old when he became the leader of the Benacian Bagelcratican Party in 1671, which at the time and for the next several elections was a minor party and often merely considered a junior partner to the Solidarity Party. He once considered Kamil Gavrilov to be a political ally, and mentor. His youth and inexperience, combined with the sudden and total request for intervention from Natopia have led his political rivals to dub him a puppet or foreign agent. Djangirov denies these allegations and insists that a progressive constitutional kingdom under the stability of a Waffel-Paine monarchy will endure longer than a regressive republic under the whims of the populace.