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Mandible Hill

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Mandible Hill (Saxon: Kinnladehügel; Sangunese: 顎骨塚, Gakkotsudzuka) is a lordship in the province of Asara Eliana (Whales, Natopia). It is, along with Walhafen, part of the Walstadt urban area.

The lordship was held by Timur Osman von Szintakuszima until his arrest in 1709 AN. Its most famous lord is arguably Juana Beazcoetxea, who held the lordship between 1648 and her death in 1661. Between 1661 and 1688, the lordship was vacant and governed directly from Walstadt.

Site of the crucifixion and death of Elijah Ayreon in 1598 and the major battle which took place on 15.I.1648 during the liberation of Walstadt from the short-lived tyranny of Adam Anushiruwân.

Since 1704 AN it has been the site of Mandible Barracks, the General Headquarters (GHQ) of the Whales Auxiliary Force.

Following the arrest of Timur Osman von Szintakuszima in 1709 AN, for suspected complicity in guiding hostile scouts from the Lanzerwald along the frontier with Whales, a large gallows scaffold was erected upon the hill as a warning for the dissident lords and any who might think to defy impressment into service during the Lanzerwaldian-Whaler War.

The Anushiruwân Institute of the Humanities, a co-educational Humanist Institute, was inaugurated on grounds adjacent to the WAF barracks in 1713 AN.