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Ric's abuse of the purloined Menelmacari perception filter allowed him unopposed entry into every faction and conspiracy of the era. To this day no-one could explain how he had been accorded so much access with so little scrutiny. Most, when asked, simply said that they had a feeling that nothing was untoward.
—Sarhang H. Jahandar, from the executive summary of the Yemin Zoka investigation into the Congress of Rics phenomenon for the Komiteh Polis of Babkha, date unknown but from textual evidence unlikely to postdate 1589 AN.


  • Aasmund Vigeland †, Chairman of Elwynn, Prætor of Landsraad
  • Adam Anushiruwân †, aka Prince Adam Khan of Cabbagefall, killed his mother Noor, killed by his quadruplet brother Aldin.
  • Ander Avon-El, former Prince of Elwynn, currently in house arrest in Leng
  • Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh †,
  • Arn Ayreon-Kalirion †, killed along with Rostam by his quadruplet brother Adam
  • Arviður Andelarjunarbroðir †, Hurmu, Brookshire
  • Balqis Addurasalaam †, from Straits of Barbary, died in Babkhan holocaust
  • Benjamin Ayreon-Kalirion †, died as an infant
  • Cashmaiel Andelarion †, Hurmu leader
  • Daniel Kalirion †, Prince of Elwynn, independence leader, murdered
  • Deimos Jasonides †, Prince of Elwynn, Bovic apostate
  • Esther Ayreon-Kalirion †, murdered by slavers in Stormark, married Hallbjörn.
  • Gjuseppina Vinfetto †, Cisamarrese leader in Sanilla
  • Gunvør of Humlebæk †, mother of Prince Daniel Kalirion
  • Hallgrím Aðalgeirsson †, President of Hurmu
  • Isur-Ai †, ethnic
  • Jalal Jahanbani, lawyer and politician in Elwynn
  • Johanna van der Graaf †, Chairman of Andealaria, sister of Rashid Arsalani
  • Johan Anderion, son of Ander Avon-El
  • Joshua Saint Endellion †, Natopian statesman
  • Juana Beazcoetxea †, Lady Dragonmoor, Alexandrian, later Shirerithian/Natopian politician
  • Kaiser Ayreon (aka Rashid Arsalani, Ric Lyon) †, Babkhan shah, Shirerithian kaiser, prince of Hurmu, etc. Died in suicide.
  • Kaiser Ayreon II † (aka Elijah Ayreon). Elwynnese prince, former kaiser of Shireroth who defected to indy Elwynn. Murdered by Sisera in Walstadt.
  • Kaiser Ayreon III † (aka Prince Jonathan). Son of Esther. Murdered in Jingdao.
  • Kaiser Ayreon IV † (Vidar Ayreon). Shirerithian kaiser.
  • Kaiseress Isa IV † (Elsa Kasandrajon). Shirerithian kaiseress. Died in a heart attack at very old age.
  • Kaiseress Noor †, Shirerithian kaiseress. Murdered by her son.
  • Karmen Joonai †, Lady Cherokee. Killed by the Ribbers.
  • Kaspar Soleimân †, Elwynnese–born Babkhan terrorist. Killed by Babkhans in Elwynn after the Senate hostage crisis.
  • Leila Alidokht †, Babkhan refugee in Safiria. Killed in a bomb. Perpetrator unknown.
  • Li Naomiai, ex-wife of Emperor Zakyyr of Natopia, Regent of Shireroth, now politician in Elwynn
  • Marcus van der Graaf †
  • Mirza Soleimanzadeh †, Babkhan sadist autocrat, son of Kaspar. So sadistic even the Babkhans thought he was too much.
  • Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion †, Prince of Elwynn, Emperor of Natopia. Killed twice. Made blind by Sisera. Finally dissolved into a butter form which was ritually ingested by members of the Bovic congregation.
  • Rai Avon-El †, Elwynnese duke, emo.
  • Rashid Karyandzadeh Arsalani †, son of Rashid no 1.
  • Rostam Ayreon-Kalirion †, son of Noor, killed by his brother.
  • Sindre Nemnai †, Hurmu leader. Died in the Hurmu genocide.
  • Soreaa Isurui †, Elwynnese author and stateswoman. Killed in an airplane crash (which probably was ordered by either Catavians or Nat-Hums)
  • Spraki Krumsson †, Storish-born lawyer and theologian. Prætor of Landsraad. Died twice. Had a Lich daughter who became kaiseress in her own right.
  • Vilhjalm Kormak †, Hurmu leader, escaped Hurmu genocide to Stormark, died from alcoholism in Leng.