East Elwynn

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East Elwynn was during the days of Elwynn's independence (1567–1600) the name of the part of the Elwynn which had remained in Shireroth after Elwynn's independence had been recognized by the Shireroth in 1569. It consisted of the area covered by the former Counties of Agnesia, Cimmeria, Hyperborea, Illumination, and Wintergleam. Term was used in opposition to West Elwynn.

Subsequent to the recognition of Elwynn's independence by the Imperial Republic of Shireroth in the year 1569, East Elwynn was for the time being placed under the protection of the Duchy of Goldshire and then was incorporated as the Thanedom of Elwynn under the Duchy of Kildare in 1574. It remained without a Duke for about two Elw calendar decades until 1587 when the Kaiser of Shireroth named Balarak Alaion to the office of Duke of Elwynn.