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Flag of Valenciennes Coat of arms of Valenciennes
Flag of Valenciennes Coat of Arms of Valenciennes
Motto: Pour la démocratie. Elle allume le chemin.
Official languages French, English constitutionally, Spanish (unofficially in some locales)
Anthem Verses to Francis Joseph I (verse IV only)
Capital Edgardia
Largest city Franciscania
Lord des Montagnes Jean Michel Leclerc
Premier Sebastien Alexandre (Unaffiliated)

The Province of Valenciennes is the second largest province of the Empire of the Alexandrians, and the largest province in the Secteur Français.

Valenciennes, together with the province of Baudrix, comprises what is commonly called “mainland Alexandria”. The capital of Valenciennes is the city of Franciscania, the second largest city of the Empire after Geneva.

Important Cities

The largest cities in Valenciennes are:

File:Franciscania downtown.jpg
Franciscania's downtown viewed from the sea.


The Alexandrian Constitution of 2005 allows every Alexandrian province to form its own provincial government. Following the ratification of the 2005 Constitution by the Imperial Parliament, Valenciennes became the first province to assemble its own provincial government under the stewardship of Jean Michel Leclerc.

Valenciennes's provincial capital is Edgardia, which is currently home to the provincial government. The legislature passed a law in October 29, 2005 to move the capital to either Franciscania or Ouinville, but the move still has not taken place. The chief executive is the First Minister, currently Sebastien Alexandre. The legislative branch consists of the unicameral Valenciennes Provincial Parliament. All residents of Valenciennes have a voice and a vote in it and may propose bills as well.

Following the Provincial Parliament's passing of the Valenciennes Territories [Feb 2008] Act, the Province is subdivided into ten Municipalités. Each Municipalité has an Administrateur Municipal under this law, although the positions are yet to be filled.

Valenciennes has a representative to the Imperial Parliament as a province of the Empire. The Member of Parliament from Valenciennes has a term of three months and is elected by the people of the province at every general election.


For the full article see History of Valenciennes.

The province of Valenciennes was officially formed by the Golden Triangle Reforms of 2005. The old Madlandian provinces of Gradlia, Kettle and Franciscania were merged to create it.

Soon after its creation, the province took up Franciscania’s reputation for being the most liberal province of Alexandria. Liberal politicians such as Russell DuBois, Damien Clouseau and Jean Michel Leclerc became residents of the new province.

On October 12, 2005, Jean Michel Leclerc petitioned the Emperor for the establishment of the Valenciennes Provincial Parliament. Residents of the province quickly supported the petition and it was created on the same day. This made Valenciennes the first province in Alexandria to have its own provincial government.

Following the establishment of the Provincial Parliament, the residents of Valenciennes began to work on a local constitution and on different laws. Valenciennes began offering free health care to its residents, and since then, the system has been used as a model for national health care proposals.


Valenciennes is primarily known as the birthplace of the Alexandrian industrialization. However, it is also home to a thriving tourist industry, with destinations such as Franciscania, Poitou, D'Perpignone and others, drawing vacationers, nature enthusiasts and history enthusiasts from all over the world. Although it has an urban image to non-visitors, Valenciennes is actually 50 percent forested, much of it quite remote. Both the forests and thousands of miles of beaches are top attractions. Tourists also flock to many of the museums, particularly those in the Franciscania area.

Mining is a major component of Valenciennes's economy. The province has an extensive network of railroads, and much of the materials mined are transported by rail. Gold mining is the main mining component.

After Geneva, Edgardia is the center of Imperial economics. Most of the banks operating in Alexandria, including the Imperial Bank of Alexandria are headquartered in Edgardia.

Major industries/products include mining (Societe d' Or et d'Argent), automobiles (Voiture Alexandrien, Vranscia Automobiles, Ateliers d'Automobiles et d'Aviation), cereal and aircraft (Ateliers d'Automobiles et d'Aviation, MOSAIC Corp.).

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