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Jonas Windsor is a micronationalist. He has been active since July / August 2006. His first micronation was Brabantia. Thereafter he joined Batavia.

Current citizenships

To do-list

Task Done?
Add or or update wiki-page for Duchy of Jingdao, Dutchy of Kildare, Duchy of Jinkeai, Duchy of Outer Antya, Duchy of Qyzylaystan to reflect integration into Shireroth.
Publish detailed map of Greater Kildare. (Partly done)
Hold census for Greater Kildare, for each county (former provinces) and Barony (former districts).
Draw city map of Gaelen's Landing.
Draw map (groundplan + Inkarnate map) of Gaelen's Hold: mixture of Jingdaoese, Apollontean and Shirerithian architecture. Includes: the old keep, Jingdaoese-styled palace entrance and tea house, chapel (with stained glass of important figures, like Salome, Gaelen, Sisera, Chidao)
Design coat of arms and flag for the domains.
Invest time in aiding the redevelopment of Shirekeep. Includes establishing a new Kildarian city quarter.