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Protectorate of Tiana
Flag of Tiana
Coat of Arms of Tiana
Coat of Arms
Motto: Jure et Gladio
Location of Tiana
Map versions
Capital Vancona
Largest city Vancona, Surwich
Official language(s) Tianan, Senyan, Istvanistani
Official religion(s) Officially secular
Demonym Tianan
 - Adjective Tianan
Government Intellectual democracy
 - Governor Valentina Pivirotto
 - Legislature
Population 600,000
Currency Vontar (DSV)
Time zone(s) CMT−3
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal Duck
National food
National drink
National tree
Abbreviation TIA

Tiana is an island in Northwestern Apollonia that is politically a protectorate of Senya. Formerly a sovereign nation, first located in southern Keltia, then in Northwestern Apollonia south-east of Lake Lamantia, the Tianan people eventually migrated north to the current island of Tiana. Given the long period of friendship with the Senyan people, the Tianans re-established their state with the help of the Senyans (and also the Coriaks), becoming a protectorate of the two nations.

Since Coria's withdrawal from the joint protectorate, Tiana has become integrated within the Senyan state, though still retains a strong autonomous stature. The island is now linked up to the Senyan mainland via a railway tunnel and a ferry service for cars and passengers.


Re-establishment as a protectorate

The displaced Tianan people emigrated northwards to an island just off the coast of mainland Apollonia and began to re-establish their state. However, with funding required to fully establish their society, the Tianan people turned to their old friends the Senyans to help ensure their security and statehood. Senya, along with the Kingdom of Coria, began to pour funding into Tiana to establish new state institutions on the island. In 1656 AN, Tiana was re-established as a protectorate of the two countries, with both Senya and Coria responsible for the security and assisting the political and legal structures of the state in Tiana.

However, with Senya being the closer state, and historical ties between the two countries, the Tianan people were uncomfortable with Coria's involvement, especially as they contributed much less to Tiana than the Senyans did. Upon the formation of Krasnocoria and increasing protests about Coria using Tiana for military purposes, Coria withdrew from the protectorate agreement in 1661 AN, leaving Senya as the sole protector of Tiana. Upon this, Senya designated Tiana as an autonomous territory of equal stature to that of Lamantia.


Tiana currently retains its own parliament, though does appoint legislators to the central Senyan government. The Tianan parliament can legislate on any matter except those of defence, foreign relations and environmental/social protections. The Tianan government is comprised of 36 legislators, four from each municipality, and is based in Vancona.

Administrative divisions

Tiana is subdivided into nine municipalities. Each municipality is run by an elected mayor and is responsible for local services such as bin collection, planning permission and other such local issues. Each municipality is named after the largest settlement in the municipality, though some smaller villages also exist within these municipalities with their own unique identities.

Municipality Location Population
Apalqalanin Apalqalanin municipality location Tiana.svg 29,000
Carmosa Carmosa municipality location Tiana.svg 95,000
Forlì Forlì municipality location Tiana.svg 23,000
Hampton Bay Hampton Bay municipality location Tiana.svg 40,000
Napoli Napoli municipality location Tiana.svg 76,000
Oceanside Oceanside municipality location Tiana.svg 55,000
Port Trinity Port Trinity municipality location Tiana.svg 77,000
Surwich Surwich municipality location Tiana.svg 80,000
Vancona Vancona municipality location Tiana.svg 125,000


Tiana is linked to the rest of the Senyan rail network by an undersea tunnel, which runs from just north of Port Puglisi to Surwich. Long distance sleeper services run from Svorgas under the Apollonian Express banner, in addition to other stopper services run by Senyan Rail. Within the island, there are small inter-municipality services, as well as a tram network in the city of Vancona. Vancona, Port Trinity and Surwich are also home to ports, with a major freight terminal located in Port Trinity, which links up to the rail network. There is also a ferry service which connects Surwich to the town of Glesmerin on the Northern Senya coast. Vancona Airport is the island's only passenger airport, which provides flights to the rest of Senya and some international destinations.