Osman–Spiik Accord

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The Osman–Spiik Accord is an agreement negotiated at Botha on 9.IX.1703 AN, between Ayesha al-Osman, Adam al-Osman, Daniyal al-Osman and Jan Spiik. The former two represented the Benacian Union and the latter two Hurmu.


  • Article 1: To better ensure the future security of the respective spheres of influence naturally belonging to the BU and Hurmu, the District of the Warring Islands and Samholdsøya shall be exchanged at the earliest moment upon the fulfilment of Hurmu's war objectives in the present conflict.
  • Article 2: The exchange detailed at Article 1 shall be managed by a formal treaty consistent with the established norms of international law.
  • Article 3:
  • Article 4: Military support from the BU to Hurmu. Among which, BU transfers aircraft, weapons and machinery to the HPC.
  • Article 5: BU volunteers to be encouraged and supported to join the HPC for a 5-year contract.
  • Article 6:
  • Article 7: Hurmu will take on deportees of the Umraist faith from the Benacian Union.
  • Article 8: Financial aid from the BU to Hurmu
  • Article 9: Kallisti Health Services Inc shall provide the full range of holistic medical services required by the leadership cadres of the Benacian Union and members of the Order of the Holy Lakes on an at-cost basis, with the government of Hurmu graciously agreeing to cover all items of necessary expenditure.
  • Article 10: