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Holy Lakes

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The Holy Lakes of Hurmu are six lakes revered by the people of Hurmu. They are Cashma, Arquous, Dawnuk, Nemb, Anseth, and Shelm.

In Hurmu mythology, the lakes were formed by meteor strikes in the prehistoric era. The mythology teaches further that these meteors carried people in them. Some of these people, the few survivors of the impact, walked up the craters and began mourning for their lost friends. Their tears filled Anseth, while rain filled the other craters.


Istvanistani Hurmumol Norse Lakkvian Crandish Craitish
Anseth Anset Anseð Ansed Anset Änsedh
Arquous Arkwass Arkvass Eressea järv Arkvask Aärcqäsh
Cashma Kassma Kašma Kaskma Cäshmä
Dawnuck Dawnuk Daunuk Daunuck Däónujk
Nemb Nwem Nem Nemp Nem
Shelm Sselm Silma Skelm Shelm