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Kriegskorps Ludwigshafen

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Kriegskorps soldier in 1706 outfit

The Kriegskorps Ludwigshafen was an army first deployed by the Republic Sankt Ludwigshafen during the Ludwiggian-Monovian War. The army was created through conscription out of the various regional militias of the Bezirkbürgwehr. Following the establishment of the Lanzerwald Republic, the army was renamed into the 1ste Krijgskorps. After the 1716 Ludwiggian Restoration the army was brought back as a standing army. During the 1717 Military Reorganisation in Sankt Ludwigshafen the divisions were renamed into regiments to better reflect the new distinction of administrative and operational organisation of the armed forces. The Kriegskorps uses two primary standard weapons, the Repetierbüchse 1699 is still the most commonly used weapon but is slowly being replaced by the Maschinenpistole 1720 since 1720. This new weapon that uses Raspur Pact standard ammunition is distributed to regiments that are most likely to be attached to Raspur Pact missions first.


Type of unit Platoon / Zug Company / Kompanie Regiment / Regiment Corps / Korps
Contains 25 soldiers, 2 donkeys 4 platoons 5 companies 10 divisions, 100 general staff members, 10 donkeys
Personell 25 100 500 5,100
Commander Leutnant Hauptmann Major General

Standard issue

Clothes and protective items

  • Lightweight helmet, made of aluminium sheet covered with leather and topped with a brass spike.
  • Brown woollen scarf, 2m long.
  • Green woollen coat with brass buttons.
  • Green woollen sweater.
  • Green woollen trousers.
  • Brown leather boots.
  • Brown leather belt with brass belt buckle.