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Repetierbüchse 1699

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The Repetierbüchse 1699 is a bolt-action rifle that is produced by Waffenschmiederei Ludwigshafen and utilises the Standardpatrone 7.92 Sankt Ludwigshafen. The rifle is considered to be highly reliable and accurate, albeit a bit old-fashioned compared to more modern rifles in use by other militaries. As the standard weapon of the Kriegskorps Ludwigshafen and the Dragonerkorps Ludwigshafen, the weapon was an iconic part of the Republic's military culture alongside the seax. In the Confoederatio Aemilia, the Repetierbüchse 1699 is the ceremonial weapon of the Princess Emilia Antoinette's Palace Guard.

The Repetierbüchse 1699 features an internal magazine with a capacity of 6 cartridges that can be loaded using a stripper clip. The use of an internal magazine reduces the risk of the magazine getting caught on obstacles such as tree branches, which can be important in the difficult terrain of the Lanzerwald.


  • Präzisionsgewehr 1699: Rifles that turn out to be exceptionally accurate in tests are selected for use as sniper rifle and fitted with a telescopic sight.
  • Repetierbüchse 1699 Raspur: In 1716 the Kriegskorps Ludwigshafen ordered the production of a series of 250 rifles that would utilise the Raspur Pact standard 7.62×67mmB cartridge instead of the domestically produced cartridge.