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1716 Ludwiggian invasion of Northern Cibola

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1716 Ludwiggian invasion of Northern Cibola
Soldiers of the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen assaulting a village of descendants from the Alexandrians in Northern Cibola.
Date 8.XIV.1716 -
Location Northern Cibola
Sankt Ludwigshafen Army of the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen
Commanders and leaders
Stadtholder Simon Schafenweide
  • Major Friedrich von der Elfenbeinküste (KK-Div2)
  • Major Immanuel Rettich (KK-Div3)
Units involved
Kriegskorps Ludwigshafen
  • 2nd Division (KK-Div2)
  • 3rd Division (KK-Div3)

The 1716 Ludwiggian invasion of Northern Cibola was an attempt by the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen to establish a colony in Northern Cibola with the purpose of extracting natural resources there that were deemed essential for the industrialisation and modernisation of the republic. The region that they invaded was known to have rich gold deposits and early evidence suggested that bauxite could also be found in the region. Ludwiggian prospectors affiliated with the Bergbaubetrieb Ludwigshafen had explored it in secret for a few months before the invasion, in small groups to avoid detection and subsequent suspicion. When they had mapped the location of several locations that were suitable for mining, they reported their findings to a committee of the Ludwiggian armed forces and their employer, Bergbaubetrieb Ludwigshafen. The order for an invasion was given by Stadtholder Simon Schafenweide, who sought to increase the productivity of the republic in order to develop its economy and society.



  • 1.XIV.1716: Two divisions of the Kriegskorps Ludwigshafen, the 2nd and 3rd Divisions, embark into two stern landing trading vessels of the United North Apollonian Company sailing under Shirerithian flag, that have been chartered. They enter the ships in civilian dress, with all military uniforms, weapons, stored in donkey-drawn trailers that are kept in the hold of the ship. With them come staff members of the Bergbaubetrieb Ludwigshafen, as well as other civilians with specific professions.
  • 7.XIV.1716: After a week of travel, the ships of the United North Apollonian Company sail south of Glacier City, all Ludwiggians retreat in the hold of the ship to avoid detection by the coast guard of the Imperial Federation. In the hold they put on their military dress and prepare for the landing the next day.
  • 8.XIV.1716: In rougher seas than anticipated, the ships land on the Northern Cibolan beach, in a bay roughly 500 kilometers west of Niyi Axi. One of the divisions (2nd Division) stays at this location to construct a harbour, that is to be named Nordhafen, while the other division (3rd Division) enters into the rough inland along with the prospectors that are to lead them to the location of the natural resources.
  • 10.XIV.1716: On their way south, the 3rd Division encounters a settlement of Alexandrian remnants and asks for food and shelter for the night, the Alexandrians close the gate to their stronghold and begin taunting the Major of the 3rd Division. After the Alexandrians launch a live cow over the wall in the general direction of the 3rd Division, a quick charge towards the castle is abandoned after more cows, goats and even poultry are launched over the walls. Realising it is to no avail, the Ludwiggians abandon their reasoning with the Alexandrians and press on into the Cibolan interior.
  • 11.XIV.1716: The 2nd Division starts laying the foundation for coastal artillery redoubts along the bay's coast, which is given the name Neuelfenbeinküste in honour of the first Stadtholder of the Republic of Sankt Ludwigshafen, Siegfried von der Elfenbeinküste.