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1ste Krijgskorps

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Lanzerwaldian infantryman belonging to the 2de Krijgskorps in the uniform as worn during the Lanzerwaldian-Whaler War. The 1ste Krijgskorps wears the same uniform but the II is replaced by a I.

The 1ste Krijgskorps is a Lanzerwaldian army corps that was established by the Army of the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald in 1709, it was a continuation of the Kriegskorps Ludwigshafen. Its first general was Gerhardt Streuß, who made name as Major in the Second Ludwiggian-Monovian War. In the 1715 Lanzerwaldian Mutiny the headquarters of the army was stormed by angry soldiers who hadn't received their wages and after disestablishment of the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald, the 1ste Krijgskorps, like the rest of the army, was considered to be defunct. Following the return of central government in the Lanzerwald, the 1ste Krijgskorps was also reestablished in III.1716.

Notable deployments


Type of unit Platoon / Peleton Company / Compagnie Division / Divisie Corps / Korps
Contains 25 soldiers, 2 donkeys 4 platoons 5 companies 10 divisions, 100 general staff members, 10 donkeys
Personell 25 100 500 5,100
Commander Luitenant Kapitein Majoor Generaal