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Army of the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald

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The Army of the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald (Cibolan-Diets: Leger van de Republiek van de Verenigde Steden in het Lanserwoud) is a military organisation that constitutes the land-based armed forces of the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald. The army consists of three corpses, that were based on the Kriegskorps Ludwigshafen, the Dragonerkorps Ludwigshafen and the Zandarijn Liberation Army. Following the reorganisation of the armed forces of 1709 these corpses have been renamed as 1ste Krijgskorps, 2de Krijgskorps and the Dragonderkorps. The Luchtkrijgskorps is a newly created corps in the army that is responsible for conducting aerial warfare, which was a task of the Kriegskorps Ludwigshafen previously. The Army of the Republic of the United Cities stands under the command of the stadtholder of the republic.

Education and training of recruits

Infantry Training Centre

At the Infantry Training Centre in Prins Haven (Cibolan-Diets: Opleidingscentrum Infanterie Prins Haven), initial military training is delivered to new all recruits regardless of their future role in the organisation. This also includes dragoons, artillery gunners and officers who will undergo further training after completing the basic military training in Prins Haven. Those who are expected to fulfil a role as rifleman or military tradesman receive additional training at the Infantry Training Centre in Prins Haven after completing basic military training. All recruits are expected to be able to master basic marksmanship, navigation, patrolling and executing defensive and offensive tactics. Additional training can consist of the use of heavy machine guns, medical training, combat engineer training as well as many other subjects.

Republican Military Academy

At the Republican Military Academy (Cibolan-Diets: Republikeinse Militaire Academie) in Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen, a service academy for the army, future officers are trained. Training at the academy takes four years, in which the cadets enrol with the rank of soldier and upon completion of the training are commissioned into the army. The academy is based in the former buildings of the Nationalversammlung der Republik Sankt Ludwigshafen. Completion of the course is considered to be highly prestigious.

Riding school in Louisville

In Louisville, the Dragonderkorps has a riding school were officers and infantrymen that have completed their respective training at the Infantry Training Centre or the Republican Military Academy are taught how to ride and care for horses according to the standards established by the tradition of the Dragonderkorps, and formerly the Dragonerkorps Ludwigshafen. As the dragoons are considered to be elite soldiers within the army of the republic, entry qualifications are very high and the training has a attrition rate of roughly 25%. The riding school has an equestrian display team, called the Cadre Rouge (Istvanistani: Red Cadre) that participates in equestrian events all over Micras, the team consists of students and alumni and is highly regarded.