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Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen

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Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen
Flag of Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen
Nickname: Stadt
Motto: A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. (Matthew 5:14)
Location of Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen
Founded 1680
Bürgermeister(in) Ulrich von der Elfenbeinküste
Population 29,634

Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen is the capital and most populated city in the Republic Sankt Ludwigshafen. The settlement was established in the year 1680 by Siegfried von der Elfenbeinküste. The city had 26,528 inhabitants in the last Sankt Ludwigshafen census in 1690. The city was severely hit by a nuclear Siseranist terrorist attack in 1693, during the Ludwigshafener Civil War, with initial reports indicating that no-one had survived. In 1694 roughly 4,000 people remained in the city, with another 10,000 citizens from Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen living in the diaspora. In 1695 the radioactive cleanup of the city had made most of the suburbs safe enough for habitation again, with only the city center and especially the Stadtparlement building still considered to be extremely unsafe. The city center is expected to be safe again somewhere during 1700.