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1715 Lanzerwaldian Mutiny

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1715 Lanzerwaldian Mutiny
Date 15.VI.1715 - 20.VI.1715
Location Lanzerwald
Result Fall of the Lanzerwald republic.
Lanzerwald Steden-Generaal of the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald Lanzerwald Army of the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald
Units involved

  • Lanzerwald Security guard of the Steden-Generaal
  • Lanzerwald General staff of the Army of the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald

The 1715 Lanzerwaldian Mutiny was an uprising by thousands of Lanzerwaldian soldiers against the Steden-Generaal and their own generals that caused the end of the Republic of the United Cities in the Lanzerwald. While developing the Schorpioen I Pantserstrijdwagen the army underestimated the costs of developing an armoured vehicle and reached a state of insolvency. After two months of unpaid wages, and no food rations, the ten majors of the 1ste Krijgskorps presented an ultimatum to their general staff, on 15.VI.1715, that they would need to provide the unpaid wages and food rations within 36 hours or they would collect them themselves from the general staff, and the steden-generaal. The general staff replied by issuing an arrest warrant for the ten majors, who refused to be arrested by military police. Having contacted the mayors of the 2de Krijgskorps and the Dragonderkorps, most of them also supported the demands of the mayors of the 1ste Krijgskorps. In the night of 17.VI.1715, after the ultimatum had passed, seven divisions from the 1ste Krijgskorps, two divisions from the 2de Krijgskorps and the full Dragonderkorps assaulted Stadt Sankt Ludwigshafen, they stormed the building of the Steden-Generaal which they torched and then stormed the building of the general staff of the army, which they torched as well. Generals Gerhardt Streuß (1ste Krijgskorps), Diederik van Zandt (2de Krijgskorps) and Donatien de Lancôme (Dragonderkorps) were hung, drawn and quartered for their treason against their own soldiers. Stadtholder Jan den Ouden was tied behind a donkey and drawn through the city until his last breath left his lungs, and he was then thrown into the sea.

The political system of the Lanzerwald Republic collapsed after the destruction of the steden-generaal, and fearing the wrath of the soldiers, no one arose to form a new central government over the Lanzerwald. The soldiers all returned to their home cities.