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Origin Danville, Tri-State Area, Free area of the Federation, Phinbella
Years active RP 2610–present
Labels TPHK Studio, SBS-DVB
Associated acts Nagisa Shiota, Karma Akabane, Touki Matsuyama, Marie Flynn, Scan2Go, Hanakimi Frontiers
Website phinfanmade/phinbellan-wave/tc-pop/k-peter
Past members Yuuichi Hamatsuki (Keyboard)

Kéi-Peterpan (Sangunese: 刑ピーターパーン, translit.: Kei-Pītāpān?) or known as K-Peterpan is an alternative pop/rock group well known in the TC-pop or Taemhwanian Creole pop music industry in Phinbella. They first became famous in Phinbella since RP 2614 as part of the PnF 2nd Generation music project, and its very interesting rhythm, it is also because his songs are sung in Taemhwanian Phineaner and Scattered Frontier Creole Phineaner, both of which are spoken in several villages in the southern Tri-State Area. Although TC-pop is a genre of music from the Rōmande region, Kéi-Peterpan is actually from Danville, Tri-State Area, a territory within the Free area of the Federation entity. They consist of four current members namely Peter Pínpokíe Flynn-Akabane or known as Peter, Thomas James Fletcher or G-Nola, Xavier Sōkimi Johnson or Vier and Fred Kōizawa Johnson or Musfrad.

Founded since elementary school in RP 2612, they began their work as a band representing Danville Precinct schools throughout the Tri-State Area, and at that time they replaced a disbanded band that had internal problems with a Danville-based record company, Huge-O-Records. Some members of the group have joined this group and after that they left the group. At the time it was known as Desire. They started recording their debut album, Duk Buwi Alasey Mu (Your Reason) and can be sold throughout Danville and nearby areas in the Tri-State Area only. They started gaining popularity in RP 2614 with their second album, Duk Skodeng Dari Tigha Kama (Peering From The Curtain Of The Room), which sold over 2 million copies and began to be marketed in Oriental Hispanioéire Taemhwan, and at that time they changed their name to Kéi-Peterpan. His third album, Mutants has sold over 750 thousand copies. All of their songs are at the top of the local charts in the Tri-State Area, Providenciales and in Oriental Taemhwan.

History and career journey

RP 2610: Desire Band - All Danville Precints schools idol project

RP 2611: Controversy and dissolution of Desire Band

RP 2612-RP 2615: The apperence of Peter, Thomas, Xavier and Fred, and the pinnacle of his career, also renaming of the band and era of the PnF Second Generation

RP 2617 until now: Album Ada and a new era of Kéi-Peterpan


Musical style

Songwriting and lyrical themes


Current members

Name Information
Stage Full name
Peter Pínpokíe Flynn-Akabane
  • Birth date: (RP 2602-07-03) July 3, RP 2602 (age 17)
  • Birth place: Danville, Tri-State Area Tri-State Area
  • Alma mater: Danville High School
  • Roles: Leader, vocalist
Thomas James Fletcher-Yuukitane
  • Birth date: (RP 2601-06-01) June 1, RP 2601 (age 19)
  • Birth place: Danville, Tri-State Area Tri-State Area
  • Alma mater: Danville High School
  • Roles: Guitarist, background vocalist
Xavier Soukimi Tochikawa-Johnson
  • Birth date: (RP 2602-08-24) August 24, RP 2602 (age 17)
  • Birth place: Danville, Tri-State Area Tri-State Area
  • Alma mater: Danville High School
  • Roles: Drummer
Fred Kouizawa Tochikawa-Johnson
  • Birth date: (RP 2601-01-03) January 3, RP 2601 (age 19)
  • Birth place: Danville, Tri-State Area Tri-State Area
  • Alma mater: Danville High School
  • Roles: Bassist

Past members


As Desire2

Studio album
Mini album
Other languages edition
  • Diammu Gunung Berapi (RP 2612)
  • Duk Buwi Alasey Mu (RP 2612)
  • Maséh Teseloh Ayu Mung (RP 2612)

As Kéi-Peterpan

Studio album
Mini album
Other languages edition
  • Duk Nginta Dari Tirai Kamar (RP 2613)
  • Jangé Gentar (RP 2613)
  • Honey Limpin Nyé Hanguh (RP 2613)
  • Dighata Digelé Rindu (RP 2614)
  • Bungo (Sung by Andrew, RP 2616)
  • Jesnita (RP 2617)
  • Julia (RP 2617)

Diskografi solo/duo


Awards & nominations



  • Desire Band has been in the music industry since RP 2610.
  • Desire Band hails from the Maple Drive neighborhood of Danville, Tri-State Area.
  • The appearances of Peter, G-Nola, Vier and Musfrad brought a ray of hope for the resurgent Desire Band.
  • Born on July 3, RP 2602, Peter Flynn-Akabane is a twin brother to Marie Flynn-Akabane. These twin siblings are at the heart of the rise of PnF 2nd Generation or PnF2 in the TC-pop music industry.
  • Peter, G-Nola and Vier are also members of TC-pop boy band, Scan2Go. Scan2Go and Kéi-Peterpan are among the artists who often make appearances in Tokseh Karpet.
  • Peter was actually initially a fan of the Desire Band itself at the beginning of their appearance, yet did not expect his appearance and those of his friends to bear fruit.
  • Peter and his friends were each in elementary school at the beginning of their apparence.
  • Peter has a talent of his own and has had a rather hoarse voice since he was nine years old.
  • Vier and Musfrad are siblings.
  • G-Nola is one of the youngest guitarists in Phinbella.
  • Peter likely inherited certain traits from his father, which allowed him to hold a character as if with his own father’s traits.
  • Peter along with other members also jumped into the field of acting by holding a character that suits them.
  • Peter's twin sister, Marie is also into acting, Marie has starred in a series entitled Chaos Through Time.
  • PnF 2nd Generation or PnF2 is one of the family of idols under TPHK Studio and its affiliated publishing company. Kéi-Peterpan is one of the idol groups in this family.

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