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Isa Kaliandaron Qor (Elw: Иса Калияндарон Қор), born 3.II.1592 in Glenfiddich (Iserdia), died 5.IV.1682 in Ardashirshahr, was an Elwynnese politician (Elwynnese Workers' Party) and former revolutionary. President of the Elwynnese Congress 1672–1675 and 1680–1681. Leader of the opposition in the Elwynnese Congress, 1681–1682.

Qor joined the underground Elwynnese Workers' Party during high school (where she underwent vocational training in order to qualify as an electrician, in accordance with the allocation laws of the Coordinated State). After qualifying in 1610, she worked as an electrician. Off-radar, she helped plan the 1613 Elwynnese revolution, becoming close to leader Aasmund Vigeland. She was appointed to the Supreme Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn. She became the leader there of the Young Guard faction, which opposed any non-socialist tendencies, and fell out with Vigeland. She was opposed to Elwynnese continued membership in Shireroth and all of the ideals of Shireroth. However, she failed to convince the leadership to go for an all-right independence. Despite this, the leadership acknowledged her and respected her for her strong ideology. As such, she was promoted in 1615 to Member of the Standing Committee of the Supreme Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn. Having just become a mother at this time, she toned down her ideology and began associating more with the moderate Vigeland. Vigeland and Qor rekindled their friendship.

As the economic policies of the communist government began to fail – reconstruction from the doomed and poverty-stricken Coordinated State had not gone in the speed as planned, and many people were actually worse off in the Democratic People's Republic than in the Coordinated State, discontent in Elwynn grew towards the communist leaders. Qor acted as a middleman in negotiations between the exiled Prince Nathaniel and Aasmund Vigeland, resulting in the return of Prince Nathaniel to Elwynnese soil. She steered the negotiations further to the establishment of an elected constituent assembly. Despite ensuring protections for representation of the Elwynnese Workers' Party, the party lost its power. She was elected to the new Congress of the Elwynnese Union, but this assembly was quickly dissolved in a coup by Prince Nathaniel just weeks after taking office. Prince Nathaniel died (for the first time), and his successor Prince Jonathan was not interested in democratizing Elwynn.

Qor turned to local politics in her adopted Araxion, becoming elected to the Corporation of Aldermen there (the municipal assembly). She highlighted the plight of the working classes during the reconstruction of Elwynnese economy, how the economic freedoms were hurting the poorest, and gained a following among the working class voters there. Her comrades elected her to the local leadership of the EWP in Mindon Araxion, and she led the opposition there from 1620 onwards to 1641. During her time as opposition leader, the local executive she was opposing changed from Ayreonist apologetics to Vanic overlords. From the mid 1620s onwards, she used her position in Araxion to highlight not only the plights of the working classes, but also of Elwdom, in the cultural genocide (as she called it) that the Vanic overlords were engaging in. She led opposition to mass immigration of Froyalaners, the Vanic propaganda, and the monarchist policies of the Froyalanish government.

In 1641, King Noah, after much lobbying and protesting from the democratic parties of Elwynn, was forced to open the Royal Parliament, a new legislature for Elwynn, and, indeed, the first legislature of Elwynn since the 1618 Congress. Qor was elected to the lower house, the Assembly of the Twelve Peoples, on the EWP ticket, but quickly realized how powerless this assembly was. Yet, she used this position as a position of opposition to the Froyalanish–Vanic government.

In 1653, with the events from the Auspicious Occasion resulting in a new constitution for Elwynn, the Royal Parliament was dissolved, and Qor returned to Araxion, where she was hailed as the new mayor ("President of the Worshipful Municipal Corporation of Aldermen of the Bailiwick of Mindon Araxion, Guarantors of its Ancient Liberties"). She held this position until 1656, when she was elected to the Shirerithian Folksraad. She was selected the EWP group leader in the Folksraad, and she formed there the Socialist Alliance with other socialist parties from around Shireroth.

After the death of Kaiser Ayreon IV in 1671, she returned to Elwynn and set up the Provisional Government of Elwynn along with other Elwynnese democratic and patriotic parties. The parties had difficulties agreeing to a political programme, and Qor helped broker the NorthSouth compromise ("one country – two systems", as she called it). In the North, she was elected to the Congress, and became its first President. As President, she was also ex officio member of the federal Elwynnese legislature, the five-member Council of Eliria. She stayed in these positions until 1675, when the EWP had a bad election result (mainly due to the schism which resulted in the formation of the Communist Party of Elwynn).

Prince Frederik Haabye Truls appointed her then to Inspector of Congress, a position within his government that was in charge of relations between the Court of the Prince and the Elwynnese Congress. This role suited Qor's diplomatic skills, and she regained the people's confidence and respect.

In 1680, at the age of 88, she was elected once more to Congress, resigned her commission with the Court of the Prince, and was elected by the first congressional session to be its President once more. She returned also to her ex officio seat in the Council of Eliria. A year later, after the 1681 elections, she lost the position as president and took on the role as Leader of the Opposition in the Congress of the Elwynnese Republic. She stood as candidate in the 1682 princely elections, but after advancing to the second round, she died from a cardiac arrest on the campaign trail before the second round was held, aged 90.


  • 1613–1618: Member of the Supreme Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn
  • 1615–1618: Member of the Standing Committee of the Supreme Council of the Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn
  • 1618: Member of the Constituent Assembly of Elwynn
  • 1620–1682: Member of the Corporation of Aldermen of Araxion (Municipal Assembly)
  • 1620–1641: Leader of the Opposition, Corporation of Aldermen of Araxion
  • 1641–1653: Member of the Assembly of the Twelve Peoples of Elwynn (Royal Parliament)
  • 1653–1656: President of the Corporation of Aldermen of Araxion.
  • 1656–1671: Member of the Folksraad, Shireroth (EWP group leader)
  • 1671–1672: Member of the Constituent Council of Elwynn
  • 1672–1675: Member of the Elwynnese Congress
  • 1672–1675: President of the Elwynnese Congress
  • 1672–1675: Member of the Council of Eliria
  • 1675–1680: Inspector of Congress, Commission for Inspection, Court of the Prince
  • 1680–1681: President of the Elwynnese Congress
  • 1680–1681: Member of the Council of Eliria
  • 1680–1682: Member of the Elwynnese Congress
  • 1681–1682: Leader of the Opposition in the Elwynnese Congress