Mindon Araxion

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Mindon Araxion (Миндон Арашион, [minˈdon aˈraʃion]; Elw for "Araxion Tower"), also known as the City of Araxion or as the Tower of Araxion, is an Elwynnese bailiwick and capital of the county of Araxion (county). Population (1680) is 2,739,029. Elw is the sole official language of the bailiwick.

Mindon Araxion borders clockwise the bailiwicks of Rindozerke, Yukillion, Lakeovum, Habrichtsburg, and Peterburg.

Cathedral city of the Diocese of Araxion (Church of Elwynn) and, since 1695, of the Archdiocese of Eliria.

Occupied by adherents of the Dark Orchid Society in the aftermath of the Second Elwynnese Civil War.