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Hazarese Taka'atui

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Overseas Territory of Hazarese Taka'atui Islands
Flag of Taka'tui
Coat of Arms of Taka'tui
Coat of Arms
Anthem: Hazar Marşı
Location of Taka'tui
Map versions
Capital Hana'apui Island
Largest city Hana'apui Island
Official language(s) Taka'atu
Official religion(s) Hokapu
Demonym Taka'atu
 - Adjective Hazar
Government Republic
 - Hazarbashi Yaşar Talha Bülbül
 - Prime Minister of Taka'atui Lopati Tono
 - Legislature Anakanun
Establishment 16 April 2020
Area 40 km2
Population 2,748
Currency Thraci Manat
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal Dolphin
National food Pulaka
National drink
National tree Coconut
Abbreviation TKT

Hazarese Taka'atui Islands or other name is East Taka'atui Islands is dependent territory of Hazar. The capital and biggest city is Hana'apui Island. Taka'atui Islands be formed a Atoll and five normal island. The islands ruling from Hazarbashi. The prime minister is Lopati Tono. Hazar does not charge taxes on these islands. The islands are partially connected to Hazar.

After the Thraci Confederation's decision to unite all member nations, the region was completely cut off from the Hazarese special administration and briefly removed the -Hazarese suffix in front of its name. The region then came under the direct administration of the confederation. The Confederacy spent little on adapting the region. Later, petty anti-unification rebellions broke out across the confederation, making it difficult to administer the lands of Kadim and Taka'atui. In 1711 AN, a treaty was signed between the Confederacy and Çakaristan, the city of Kadim and the region were transferred to Chakaristan, and the came to be known as Çakari Taka'atui or simply Taka'atui.


In 1682, Yeni Hazar Pertiyası offered article for exploration of the oceans for more information, classification of indigenous peoples and discovery of new places. This offer was accepted in Hazarmeclis and sended to Yaşar Talha Bülbül. Yaşar Talha Bülbül arranged and accepted the article in a way that would not break it. According to the arrangement, the people discovered would not be exploited, they would live their republics under the Hazar. But the exploration of the oceans would be kept in the forefront, but exporlation of oceans is postponed to 1683 AN for Alexandrian flu epidemic of 1682.

In 1683 AN, ten scout ships went on a journey to Eastern Ocean. In I.I. 1683 AN, Hazarese staff reported built I. Discovery Platform, the platform is in the distance of 950 km to Franklin Islands. The same time, Hazarese staff to contacted with Franklin Islanders and to gathered information about near of Franklin Islands. In VI. III. 1683 AN, Hazarese staff built II. Discovery Platform and III. Discovery Platform. The most important times, in XII. V. 1683 AN, a Hazarese staff something stuck in the Hazarese's radar and a scout ship went on a journey to unknown object. Hazarese stuff say unknown object is a fishing boat but they couldn't explain why the platform was going around soon. Unknown object was followed for a while, this time a island was encountered. 37 people were found on this island, information was received from the people of the island. In XXIV. III. 1683 AN, All of the islands around were discovered. The island was not primitive, but islanders was experiencing periods of famine. Hazarese made great help with food supplies, renovated important places and built an airport in Hana'apui. Founded Bank of Taka'atui, Telcom Taka'atui, Taka'atui Police and HTTI 1 Channel.

Hazar Government planning New Hana'apui Hospital and will send broadcast satellite for Hazarese Taka'atui and Franklin Islands after establish Thraci Confederation Space Command.


Hazarese Taka'atui contains six normal small islands and a atoll. Islands names are Hana'apui, Tauta, Tui, Nuotamea, Nua'apia and Nanumaga. Amatuku is the most crowded island of Taka'atui, the island contains 1,500 people.

In 200 km2 further in southwest, locating two islands, the islands named between to West Taka'atui in Taka'atu people. For now, West Taka'atui is unclaimed islands.



Hazarese Taka'atui' s most popular sport is Rugby be mainly. Hazarese Taka'atui has sevens, rugby league and rugby union national team but Hazarese Taka'atui is not member of FMRL. Taka'atu peoples really good at rugby. Hazarese Taka'atui has only one stadium, Tonaga Stadium and stadium is 2,000 capacity. Stadium is public after matches. Wrestling is other popular sport in Hazarese Taka'atui, he sport is came from Hazar. Hazarese Taka'atui has important wrestler. Football and Cricket is playing by Taka'atu people but not popular sports in Hazarese Taka'atui. Hazarese Taka'atui has football league, Pro Taka'atu League. Athletes complain that they cannot find a field for training. The other islands do not even have a site because their population is low. However, this problem is expected to be solved by Yaşar Talha Bülbül soon.


Taka'atu culture is mix of Polynesian and Micronesian culture. Fish is factor of Taka'tu cuisine, because Hazarese Taka'atui is a island country Pulaka is most popular dish in Hazarese Taka'atui. Pulaka is a carbohydrate for Taka'atu people. Apart from Pulaka, Taka'atu people has a special dish, the name is Utaku, this is fish dish. For the Utaku, Taka'atu people use swordfish, taro and grilled banana. Taka'atu people don't love spice and Taka'atu people use spice rather times. Taka'atu people say Life Tree for coconut trees.



Taka'atu people generally use motocyle and bicycle every day. Hazarese Taka'atui have own vehicle plate and it is different to Hazarese plates. Hazarese Taka'atui plate is have black ground and white text. The plate is use to vehicles and motocycles. In Hazarese Taka'atui, car use is low, generally SUV type car is used. ULAS 877, 603, 288, ToyohamaCo. Curve, Blur and Flow is most popular vehicle models in Hazarese Taka'atui. Yayama Kuzino is most popular motocycle model in Hazarese Taka'atui. Hazarese Taka'atui have only an automobile company, Hakua'apu. Hakua'apu has only a model, Coco. Haku'apu has only factory, located in Paradise Bay Shipyard, Hana'apui and company has fifty workers. The company produced only less than 100 vehicles and obtained 200,000 Thraci Manat. The company survives with Hazarese funds. Taka'atui only has an asphalt road in Hana'apui. There is no railway in Hazarese Taka'atui.

Hazarese Taka'atui only a airport, Hana'apui International Airport. It once a week to Hazar and Nevişahsinamünhasır. The airport becomes the playground after flights, so it's a bit strange. Hazarair Havaqolları make all the flights. Hazarese Taka'atui will soon establish its own airline.

Materials from Hazar usually arrive via ship. Hazarese Taka'tui cause to bring two hundred Hazarese and Sanpanese via ship. Seaway is the most effective way to bring orders. People come to Hana'apui once a week for shopping via seaway. If you are in remote islands, your job is a little difficult, you will have to go shopping every two weeks.