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Kaiser Hasan I

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Kaiser Hasan I
Hesam Jahandar
Kaiser Hasan.jpg
Former Kaiser of Shireroth
Began 1537
Ended 1542 (death)
Predecessor Kaiser Mors V
Successor Kaiser Ayreon I

  • Jacobus Loki (1535–1542)
  • Harald Thorstein (1542)
Imperial Bloodline Kalir
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Race Babkhi
Biographical information
Father Dilshad Jahandar
Mother Morvarid Arashi

  • Shahbanu Jahandar
  • Bahar Namvari

Date of birth 1470
Place of birth Sajin, Babkha
Date of death 1642
Place of death Palace of One Thousand Columns, Ardashirshahr
Resting place Lycurgus Club, Ardashirshahr

Kaiser Hasan I, also known by his Babkhan birth name Hesam Jahandar was a Babkhan nobleman, born in 1470, who became kaiser of Shireroth 1537–1542 and duke of Elwynn for a short while in 1541. He was murdered in 1542 in Ardashirshahr. He had previously been Grand Vizier of Babkha twice, 1488–1491 and 1531–1536 where he was aligned with the Behsaz Party.

In 1535, he decided to explore his Hyperborean–Shirerithian origins and applied for Shirerithian citizenship. He aligned himself with the Babkhis of Ardashirshahr. Duke Harald of Froyalan (Elwynn) took a liking to the Babkhan nobleman who had newly made a name of himself in Elwynn, and appointed Hesam Jahandar to Count of Hyperborea in 1536, a title that Hesam held until his death in 1541.


After Kaiser Mors V's reign had ended, it was assumed by the political cadres in Shirekeep that he would be succeded by his Steward Jacobus Loki. Surprisingly, Hesam put his name forward. He received support from the wealthy Babkhis, the Froyalaners, and Hyperboreans, even getting the Shining Garden to officially support him. Jacobus Loki declared himself kaiser, too, but Hesam quietened Loki's dreams by unofficially promising him the kaisership. As such, Hesam became the undisputed kaiser as Kaiser Hasan I.

During his reign, Kaiser Hasan sought to reform the imperial government of Shireroth, particularly in terms of strengthening the treasury and ensuring productivity throughout the empire. Shireroth's economy grew unprecedently (possibly thanks to the Babkhan bureaucrats replacing the old guard). However, by 1539, Shireroth was pulled into the War of Jeremy's Nose. Thus the attention of the Kaiser and his government was there. In the end, the Kaiser brought victory.

In Babkha, Kaiser Hasan I, in a ceremony before the Shah, Rashid Shahanshah, just days after being confirmed kaiser, ceded the sovereignty, along with the Sword of Vengeance, to Rashid and the Babkhan state. From that point forward, in Babkhan law, Shireroth was a feudal vassal state to Babkha. Kaiser Hasan's successor on the Golden Mango Throne, Rashid Shahanshah himself, adhered to this, and successive Babkhan governments continued to claim the sovereignty of Shireroth, not recognizing any other kaisers as legitimate. This did not cause any problems for a close relationship between Babkha and Shireroth however.

Death and funeral

In the end, Ardashir killed Hasan at the Palace of One Thousand Columns in Ardashirshahr. In Hasan's last will and testament, Rashid was to succeed him. Loki, who had been promised the kaisership after Hasan, declared yet another "government" as Anti-Kaiser, but he was quickly brought back to sanity.

Rashid and Loki fought over the claim over the body of Hasan. Loki managed to get hold of a corpse, blew it up to pieces outside the courtyard of Raynor's Keep. Thereafter, it transpired that Hasan had seven body doubles who were executed at the same time, and then released, one corpse at a time, to the various antikaiserial factions. The real corpse was held in the County Service Epidemic Prevention Research Laboratory, Ardashirshahr, where master craftsmen were hard at work fashioning the cadaver into various tasteful and exquisite relics for sale to gullible tourists and devout pilgrims. Where these relics now are is unknown, but what was left of the kaiser was enshrined in the Lycurgus Club in Ardashirshahr.


Born Hesam Jahandar in Sajin in 1470, he was the son of Morvarid Arashi and Dilshad Jahandar. His mother, Morvarid, was in turn the daughter of Leila Arashi, a Babkhan noblewoman who had married Avri Kalirion, the third son of Kaiser Los I who lived 1421–1469.

Hesam Jahandar had two wives, one simply called Shahbanu Jahandar in official records ("Queen Jahandar"), her real name unknown, and Bahar Namvari. He had a son by each, Hesam Jahandar Jayatar (named after himself), and Cyrus Namvari-Jahandar.

Preceded by:
Mors V
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Preceded by:
Harald Thorstein
Duke of Elwynn
Succeeded by
Ardashir Moqtada al-Osmani