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Grand Dust Takin

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Samlageð Grand Dust Takin (originally named Allmennaksjeselskapet Grand Dust Takin) is an originally NorseElwynnese, and since 1693, Hurmu record company. Founded by Y Ø B-12 in 1678, it quickly became Normark's biggest music company after buying up competitors with money from Y Ø B-12's mother's fishing company Norsk Fisk. It expanded to Elwnet in 1679, and attempted the same way of business in Elwynn. Although it became the largest Elwynnese music company in 1683, it did not completely dominate the Elwynnese market, as there were other strong competitors Following the liberalisation of Lyrica from the Vanic yoke in 1685, the company set up offices in Hurmu, with the task of collecting Hurmu folk music including also in Lontinien and Rekozemlje. The company fully relocated to Vesüha, Hurmu, upon the outbreak of the Second Elwynnese Civil War in 1693.