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Breakspar Hall

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Breakspar Hall
Breakspar Hall.png
General information
Type Country house
Architectural style Archaic pastoral architecture
Location Monty Crisco
Address The Breakspar Estates in the Lordship of Cercé
Current tenants
Inaugurated 1097 AN
Owner Comital Government of Monty Crisco
Design and construction
Architect Labran the Mad

Breakspar Hall, and its surrounding estates, was the country seat of the Breakspar Lineage, a line of minor nobility in the county of Monty Crisco, presently within the bounds of the Realm of Ransenar and the Benacian Union. The estate forms a traditional part of the Lordship of Cercé and was subject to the authority of the City of Cercé following the restoration of order by Ransenari forces in 1679 AN. Albeit with interruptions, the Breakspar Estate had been in the possession of the Breakspar Lineage from 1097 AN until its confiscation by comital authorities in 1716 AN. The final castellan of the family lineage, Katerina Breakspar, had been dispossessed of her estates after refusing an amicable commercial offer from the Szodan of Benacia, Daniyal ibn Daniyal. Shortly after this refusal, by curious happenstance, treasonable correspondence between the Lady of Breakspar and the court in Raynor's Keep was discovered by the Commission for the Panopticon. Following the dispersal of the Lady's band of retainers by the county militia and cudgellers after a futile attempt at resistance, Katerina had been obliged to flee the country, whereupon the County Government in Monty Crisco took possession of the estates and assumed responsibility for their administration. The Hall itself is presently, as of 1716 AN, retained by the Szodan of Benacia for his personal use, being a vantage point from where he monitor the affairs of Shirekeep and Teldrin, and receive emissaries from those two cities.


Early history

Feudal era

During the rule of the revenants

Under Imperial rule

After the Kalirion Fracture

Revolutionary occupation

Restoration by Ransenar

Confiscation of the Estates

Katerina Breakspar, former Lady of Breakspar Hall. Resident in Shirekeep, as of 1716 AN in consequence of her flight from the Benacian Union.

Use by the Szodan of Benacia


East Wing

West Wing

Grounds and Outbuildings