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1st Volunteer Cavalry Division ''Northbloom''

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1st Volunteer Cavalry Division Northbloom
1st Volunteer Cavalry Division Symbol.svg

1716 - present

Allegiance: Northbloom (Mondosphere)

Type: Cavalry
Role: Mobile warfare
Size: 12,840

Current Commander: Major General Filbert Drax

The 1st Volunteer Cavalry Division Northbloom is a combat division of the Mondosphere garrisoned at Ermingander Village in the Principality of Northbloom. It was formed in 1716 AN from the three existing regiments of the Northbloom Dragoons, together with several newly-raised support units organised on BUDF lines.

Initial shortages of key heavy weaponry were partially offset by the delivery of forty-eight BK-III Verteidiger tanks from the Benacian Union on 12.I.1717 AN; the vehicles were subsequently used to equip a new armoured regiment within the division.

"Tiki", one of 48 BK-IIIM Vindicator MBTs of Armoured Regiment Northbloom. The tactical number R01 indicates that the tank is the regimental commander's vehicle.


  • 1st Volunteer Cavalry Division Northbloom
    • Command & Control Regiment Northbloom
      • Headquarters Section
      • Signals Squadron
      • Engineers Squadron
      • Security Squadron
      • Supply Squadron
      • Works Squadron
      • Medical Squadron
      • Reconnaissance Squadron
      • Administration Squadron
      • Operational Support Squadron
    • Armoured Regiment Northbloom
      • Headquarters Squadron
      • A Squadron
      • B Squadron
      • C Squadron
    • 1st Regiment Octavia, Northbloom Dragoons
    • 2nd Regiment Clarence, Northbloom Dragoons
      • 5th Battalion
      • 6th Battalion
      • 7th Battalion
      • 8th Battalion
    • 3rd Regiment Lyssansa, Northbloom Dragoons
      • 9th Battalion
      • 10th Battalion
      • 11th Battalion
      • 12th Battalion
    • Area Defence Regiment Northbloom
      • Command Squadron
      • Anti-Tank Squadron
      • Air Defence Battery
      • 1st Artillery Battery
      • 2nd Artillery Battery
      • Fuel Squadron
      • Munitions Squadron
      • Security Squadron
      • Signals Squadron
      • Workshop Squadron
    • Engineer Regiment Northbloom
    • Signal Regiment Northbloom
    • Supply Regiment Northbloom
    • Medical Regiment Northbloom