The Fury

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The Fury

Seats in the Fury
Motto Stability, Prosperity, Progress
Formation 23 Friedeber 1671
Type Unicameral national legislature
Location Drakorda, Drak-Modan
Membership Representatives
Chancellor Davit Teimuraz

The Fury is the unicameral legislature of Drak-Modan. It is the voice of the people of Drak-Modan. Control of the chamber is often contested between nativist groups, pro-Benacian groups, and pro-Natopian groups.


The Frenzy is composed of 400 representatives selected from districts of equal population. The Governor of each demesne appoints the Representatives based on several criteria including aptitude, public service, trustworthiness, civic duty, and ethical standards. The Fury selects a Chancellor by passing a resolution by a simple majority. The Chancellor is the presiding officer of the legislature and also sets internal and domestic policy as Drak-Modans's head of government.

A Speaker of the Fury is often appointed by the Chancellor and the Speaker handles almost all of the Chancellor's parliamentary and legislative responsibilities. The current Speaker of the Fury is Tinker Sprocket.

The Fury of 1684


1683 Drak-Modani Fury elections With the sudden collapse of support from the Nationalists and Humanists, the Modani People's Party suddenly became vulnerable to internal political maneuvering. It was leaked that Teimuraz was planning on appointing all 33 Raspur Pact Parliamentary Assembly delegates himself, which drew criticism from his allies and opponents, with even Supreme Judge Clara Sundara suggesting such a move would result in her using her powers of judicial review. Chancellor Teimuraz no longer seemed invincible as party leader and his life-time appointments in the Fury soon splintered away, resulting in him losing The Fury's confidence triggering riots and protests for elections to be conducted under the old rules. Elections were held between XI.1683 and XII.1683 in all 400 of the 1679 constituencies. The Solidarity and Bagelcratican parties, campaigned together, with the singular goal of shifting Drak-Modan back to the center/center-left. The Bagelcratican party formally absorbed the struggling Laborer party, adopting several of its planks. Hardline humanists abandoned the MPU and voted for BfB. Solidarity and Bagelcratican agreed to form a liberal government under Kamil Gavrilov, Drak-Modan's first chancellor, although the rise in Bagelcratican's popularity, combined with waning anti-Natopian sentiments, suggest that the Bagelcraticans could form the plurality next cycle.

The new Fury will convene in 1684 and is expected to elect Gavrilov as chancellor during its first session.

Party Initials Party Leader Ideology Colour Seats
SP Solidarity Party Kamil Gavrilov Centrism, Pro-Raspur, Natopian-tolerant, pro-immigration Blue
118 / 400
MPU The Modani People's Union Davit Teimuraz Conservatism, Populist, pro-Raspur, anti-Natopian, non-racist nativists, republicans, Humanism Red
152 / 400
BBP Benacian Bagelcratican Party Arslan Djangirov Progressive, Pro-Raspur, pro-Natopian, Waffel-Paine sympathizers, pro-immigration, free trade Green
91 / 400
BfB Benacia for Benacians Boghos Aygul Reactionary, anti-Raspur, anti-Natopian, racist nativists, tariff system, isolationism Maroon
39 / 400


Laws passed by the Fury are categorized as Core Acts or Regular acts. Core acts describe the government while regular acts establish rules.