Port of Storms

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A map of Pallisican markets.
  Pallisican Central Stock Fund
  Markets of Outer Corum
  Greater Eurani Trade Association
  West Keltian Trade Association
  Northern Sea of Storms Industrial Corporation
  Pallisican Port Felix Shipping Corporation
  Florian Economic and International Trade Federation

Established in 35.25 PSSC, the Port of Storms replaced Grand Duke National Mall as the national marketplace of Passio-Corum following the ascension of Kan Zen to the office of Crown of Passio-Corum

A list of nations who participate in the Port of Storms may be found at the First National Bank of Passio-Corum.

An up-to-date list of transactions within the port of Storms can be found at the Marketplace of the Sea of Storms.

The Port of Storms was used until 36.78 PSSC, when it was replaced by the Port of Vines.

List of Companies Housed in the Port of Storms

Company Logo Company Name Regions Represented Price / Share Shares Offered (% Remaining)
Pcsflogo.png Pallisican Central Stock Fund 4.7 Polis 100,000 (.41%)
Moclogo.png Markets of Outer Corum 4.66 Polis 100,000 (41.92%)
Getlogo2.png Greater Eurani Trade Association 4.1 Polis 100,000 (50.41%)
Wkt.png West Keltian Trade Association 3.5 Polis 100,000 (12.96%)
Nss.png Northern Sea of Storms Industrial Corporation 2.56 Polis 100,000 (28.95%)
Pfslogo.png Pallisican Port Felix Shipping Corporation 5.5 Polis 100,000 (77.4%)
Florian Economic and International Trade Federation logo.png Florian Economic and International Trade Federation 5 Polis 100,000 (TBD%)
Pallisicanwarprosperity.png Pallisican War Prosperity Fund 7.5 Polis 100,000 (TBD%)
100px Pallisican Reserves of Foreign Currency 1 Polis 100,000 (TBD%)

Port of Storms in Pop-Culture

-35.45 PSSC: Inspired by the name of the surrounding seas, and by the Pallisican commerce which defines them, Alexandria names a new colony in south Keltia as "Port of Storms."



36.15 PSSC: When the government of Shireroth issued propaganda which connected Pallisican commerce to the economic success of nations such as Jingdao, the Pallisican government responded with its own message, connecting its system of commerce to economic success around the entire world.