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George Maniakes

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George Maniakes


Physical Description

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Skin Colour:

Biographical Information

Birth name Geórgios Maniakes
Nickname(s) Iron George
Constancia Constancia

Service/branch Constancian Army
Years of service

Zir Illustris George Maniakes, born Geórgios Maniakes, is the Stratárchis of the Imperial Constancian Armed Forces and current commander of the Trans-Euran continental theatre command of the Raspur Pact. He holds the concurrent Imperial Republic rank of Magister-Generalissimus, a special rank reserved only for the senior most Shirerithian Imperial Army general officer in theater.


George Maniakes entered national attention during the Euran War, as a Strategos and commander of the 2nd Corps during Operation Dragon. 2nd Corps, comprised of 125 infantry banda (50,000 men) supported by the remaining Eurocopter EC135 helicopters of the Constancian Air Forces Gamma Squadron, which dropped barrel bombs packed with scrap metal and high explosive and chlorine cannisters onto the positions of the 1st Army of the Jingdaoese National Protection Army. Both Corps were supported by the ESB's Directorate of Security which had set up 72 improvised Hell Cannons, that hurled explosive filled gas cannisters over a distance of one and a half kilometres, into a series of batteries to pulverise enemy trenches and gun emplacements.

Their objective was to disrupt the deployment of the NPA and, if able, to push on to the original landing zone north of Portus Felix.

In 1653, he was appointed to the Exkoubitoi of the Constancian Army, and confirmed by the Synklētos to assume the posts of Minister of Munitions and Military Supplies, and Deputy Minister of Defense.

On creation of the Trans-Euran Command, he was named its first commander and assumed the concurrent rank of Magister-Generalissimus in the Imperial Army of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, the first Constancian to hold that honor.

At the State Opening of the First Imperial Synkletos, he was made Grand Knight Commander of the Order of the Great Kingdom of Constancia.

On the accession of the Khanate of Raspur to Constancian sovereignty, he was appointed its first Civil Administrator, on the 21st day of the 8th month of Eukleios 1668 in the 49th year of the Reign of Petros III.