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ESB-Jagdverbände Emblem.png

Active: 1662 AN – present

Allegiance: ESB Group

Personnel: 6,957 in military and security operations

8,640 in non-combatant command, administration, training and logistics

Type: Private military company / light infantry


Current Commander: Zurvanudin Miran al-Osman

Conflicts & Deployments Current


The ESB-Jagdverbände, also known as the Jagdverbände (Hunting Association), is a Shiro-Constancian private military company, founded within the umbrella of the ESB Group in 18.XIV.1662, whose contractors are recruited from veterans of various conflicts, including the War of Lost Brothers and the Elwynnese Civil War. The Jagdverbände provides a rapid reaction force, available to reinforce the corporate security assets of the Honourable Company at short notice. The Jagdverbände also specialises in short-notice interventions conducted in hostile environments.


The Jagdverbände was formed by the ESB Group in a reorganisation of its Security Directorate as part of a corporate restructuring following an unsuccessful attempt by the Reformist Clique in the Imperial Government to appropriate company assets during the Elwynnese Civil War, a rash act on the part of Lady Dragonmoor which prompted the ongoing Humanist Reaction.

Since the relocation of the ESB Group to Eura, the Jagdverbände has been attached to the General Service Corps of the Trans-Euran Command when not undertaking normal corporate security duties. Its 80-acre cantonment at the Aqaba Training Area, Aqaba Garrison of the Imperial Constancian Armed Forces is named Camp Grobba in honor of its founder.

With the passing of Joachim Grobba in 1685 the command of the Jagdverbände passed to Zurvanudin Miran al-Osman, the son of the late Timūr al-Osman Taraghay, former Director of Security for the Honourable Company.

During the 1685 expedition to former Franco-Batavian holdings in southern Cibola the Bitzurænhæd of the Jagdverbände was attached to the ESB-Brunïakis-Afzælt to provide reconnaissance support.

Beginning in 1690, the ESB-Jagdverbände was involved in a number of discrete actions relating to the pacification of Lyrica and the reconstruction of a sovereign Hurmu nation.


  • Jagdverbände-Hvaszunig (HQ), 460 men
    • Bitzurænhæd (Assault Unit), 615 men
    • Combat Group A, 2,162 men
    • Security Group B, 3,720 men
    • Force Support Group C, 8,520 men
Organisation as of 1670


Assigned & Allocated
Item Quanity
M1686 assault rifle (7.62×67mmB) 600
M1656 submachine-gun (9x19mm) 4,800
M1689 service pistol (9×19mm) 15,597
Trump Radar Tracking Autocannon 54
82 mm Mortar 24
81 mm Mortar 24
80 mm Field Gun 24
Hornet 84 mm Recoilless Rifle 24
Waspsting MANPAD 13
Polybolos 12.7 mm HMG 12
Wren 7.62mm LMG 504
Horjin CV35 12
GV-6(CT) Walrus 25
GAV-4(U) Jackalope 9
GAV-5(P) Nereid 1
Pod Personnel Carrier 250
Light Truck 250
Snatch Land Rover 100
OAH Ingilisi APC FV105 Combat Bulldozer 24
OAH Ingilisi APC FV106 Rough Terrain Forklift 16
GTC ES-21 Panopticon Node 1
GTC ESM-28 "Coraniaid" 3
Dokhtar-e Ahriman 1