Brookshire Anti-Alienation League

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The Brookshire Anti-Alienation League (BAAL) was an anti-egalitarian and techno-feudal political party, established on 16.IX.1679, whose primary aim was to defend what remained of the Duchy of Brookshire (Caverden, Monty Crisco & Shimmerspring) against the capitulatory policies of the Imperial Regency and the predatory expansionist policies of the Vulture States. The strength of BAAL as a political movement lies in the alliance between the landed gentry, mortified by the collapse of the old social order, and largely agrarian working class communities. The latter being of particular interest as it is amongst the lower classes, the peasantry and denziens, who feel betrayed by the Regency's contempt for and ignorance of Brookshire's history and culture, to say nothing of its overt fixation upon the financial and political hubs of Shirekeep and Kezan, that reactionary sentiment has grown at an exponential rate.


In general terms BAAL favours a return to the traditional, culturally specific, societal constructs and forms of government associated with Brookshire and the wider Imperial Republic. The specific near term aims of BAAL, discernible from its public declarations and manifestos, include the following key policy points:

  1. An end to the unending spate of territorial concessions by the Imperial Regency;
  2. Rearmament - the raising of feudal militias to replace the armed forces and constabulary whose disintegration permitted the Kalirion Fracture;
  3. Withdrawal from the Raspur Pact and the expulsion of all Pact-aligned forces from the continent;
  4. Reconquest of Sanama, Elwynn, Goldshire, the Guttuli & Kralizec, and Modan.
  5. Abolition of "democratic" aspects of the current constitutional settlement, such as the Adelsraad and Folksraad;
  6. Expulsion of the "Elwynnese" Ayreon-Kalirion dynasty;
  7. Trial and Execution of all current and former members of the Imperial Advisory Council;
  8. Restoration of the Imperial States, the sovereignty of the Landsraad, and an elective Kaisership with triennial term limits;
  9. Restoration of the High Cedrist Faith, including the Imperial Cult, Sacred Detonations, sacred meals, and blood-sacrifice;
  10. The absolute proscription of all non-Cedrist religious practice;
  11. Restoration of filial piety and public morality;
  12. The suppression of all barbarous languages excepting Praeta and Istvanistani;
  13. The suppression of all ethnic identities and nationalism contrary to the Imperial Brookshirian culture.


Leadership Council

Armed Organisation

The Armed Organisation of BAAL consists of militias organised within the subdivisions on the basis of the posse commitatus, which can be called out by those members of the local gentry affiliated to the party. The longest established and best organised of these militia groups being those brought together under the banner of the Army of Caverden.