Zhuchi Xi

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Zhuchi Xi
Zhuchi xi.png
Full name Zhuchi Xi
AKA Shixi Chidao
Physical information
Species Human
Race Jingdaoese
Gender Female
Hair color and style Black
Eye color Blue
Skin color Light
Other /
Biographical information
Father Herman Xi
Mother Meng Fang
Date of birth 1638
Place of birth Xiacheng, Jingdao
Date of death /
Place of death /
Residence(s) Driftwood
Nationality Jingdaoese (at birth) Alriggian (naturalised)
Allegiance(s) Heavenly Light, Alrig, United North Apollonian Company
Occupation Steward of the Imperial Palace, formerly Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the United North Apollonian Company

Zhuchi Xi is the Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the United North Apollonian Company. Her father is Herman Xi, the governor of the Alriggian Western Circle. She competed against Luo Dai and Hendrik Van Hoevendaal in the 1680 Alriggian Presidential Election. In 1684.VI she was responsible for informing the Chidao Emperor that Alrig would go to war with Jingdao after Jingdaoese troops had caused a bloodbath on the common border. In 1685.XII she was asked to become part of the Imperial Stewardship, she was given the name Shixi Chidao by the emperor. In 1685.XV she was appointed Jingdaoese representative at the MTO, after Jingdao assumed Alrig's membership of that organisation. Because of here quick ascension in the ranks of the Jingdaoese Empire, Zhuchi Xi was an example to many Alriggians who had previously feared that they would become second-rate citizens in the empire.