XI Heavenly Corps

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XI Heavenly Corps
Flag of XI Heavenly Corps
Founded 1645 AN
Daxiao He Jin
Part of Qianxi Banner Army
Manpower 75,839

The XI Heavenly Corps is a part of the Qianxi Banner Army of the Duchy of the Raynor Isles, garrisoned along the eastern frontier with Floria.


  • XI Heavenly Corps (11th Heavenly Corps)
    • XI/0 Command Echelon
      • XI/0/1 Command Staff
        • XI/0/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
        • XI/0/1/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • 22. Heavenly Division
      • 22/0 Command Echelon
        • 22/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
        • 22/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
      • 22/1 Combat Echelon
        • 22/1/1 Armoured Regiment
        • 22/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
        • 22/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • 22/2 Support Echelon
        • 22/2/1 Commissariat Regiment
        • 22/2/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • 23. Heavenly Division
      • 23/0 Command Echelon
        • 23/0/1 Command & Control Regiment
        • 23/0/2 Inspectorate Regiment
      • 23/1 Combat Echelon
        • 23/1/1 Armoured Regiment
        • 23/1/2 Area Defence Regiment
        • 23/1/3 Motorised Infantry Regiment
      • 23/2 Support Echelon
        • 23/2/1 Commissariat Regiment
        • 23/2/2 Inspectorate Regiment
    • XI/1 Support Echelon
      • XI/1/1 Commissariat Brigade
      • XI/1/2 Medical Services Brigade
      • XI/1/3 Transportation Brigade
      • XI/1/3 Works Brigade
    • XI/2 Garrison Echelon
      • XI/2/1 Cantonment Garrison Brigade
        • XI/2/1/1 Command & Control Regiment
        • XI/2/1/2 Commissariat Regiment
        • XI/2/1/3 Impressment & Training Regiment
        • XI/2/1/4 Industrial Support & Workshops Regiment
        • XI/2/1/5 Medical Services Regiment
        • XI/2/1/6 Munitions & Fuels Depot Regiment
      • XI/2/2 Inspectorate Brigade
        • XI/2/2/1 Command & Control Regiment
        • XI/2/2/2 Commissariat Regiment
        • XI/2/2/3 Inspectorate Regiment
        • XI/2/2/4 Panopticon Regiment
        • XI/2/2/5 Provosts Regiment
        • XI/2/2/6 Security Regiment



Personnel Quantity
General Officers 33
Political Officers 853
Staff Officers 264
Field Officers 329
Squadron Officers 2,080
Non-Commissioned Officers 9,880
Bannermen 62,400
Total 75,839


Established in 1645 AN as a formation of the Imperial Armed Forces of the Great Jing Dynasty. As a part of the Fourth Field Army it would participate in the invasion of Floria during the War of Lost Brothers. During the Post-Chidao Troubles the Corps remained allied to the Imperial Court as a part of the Gunbatsu Clique. The unpopular union with Çakaristan demoralised the Jingdaoese Community and rendered the Corps ineffective during the Second Kildarian Revolution.

With the reorganisation of Greater Kildare the end of the Decade of Inharmonious Regrets the Corps is listed as a part of the Qianxi Banner Army within the Feudatory Host of the Raynor Isles. The XI Heavenly Corps was the fourth formation of the former Imperial Armed Forces to be recalled to the banners following the Fortuitous Immolation of XI.1707 AN after being contacted by representatives of the Apollonian Continental Theatre Command through local intermediaries. The Corps is assigned to the Caraman Banner Corps when activated for allied operations. Commencing from the eighth month of 1707 AN it was one of the first heavenly corps, once a mainstay of Jing and USSO martial might, to be reorganised in line with the doctrines and organisational principles of the Raspur Pact.