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Wood of the Gamesmen

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In red, the location of the Wood of the Gamesmen

Located in central, northern Corum, the Wood of the Gamesmen is one of Corum's several lesser wilderness areas. Though lacking in the biological diversity of Erlo Sinders Regional Forest, the Wood of the Gamesmen nevertheless plays an important role in the continent’s ecology. In particular, the forest is notably the home of top predators such as the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas.


Pictured: A major haunt of the wild practitioners of the Stripping Path in Corum, the Wood of the Gamesmen is home to the Temple of the Satyr King, a Bassarid temple known for its 24 ft tall golden statue dedicated to Silenus, the king of the satyrs. The Temple itself is constructed around the entrance to the Tuñaos po Amaos, a complex network of caverns which leads to the northern reaches of the Corumian Underground. These Tuñaos - or Tunnels - can only be accessed from the main chamber of the Temple, and important secret rituals, sometimes led by Oracle of Braxia herself, are frequently held within them.

A favorite hunting ground of the Gamesman peoples for whom the forest is named, and a favorite haunt of practitioners of the Stripping Path, the Wood of the Gamesmen lies to the south of the the Kingdom of New Zimia, along the eastern border of the Realm of Bayen. Much of the forest lies within the borders of the Realm of Passio-Corum.


One of the most biologically diverse regions in Corum, Wood of the Gamesmen is home to at least nineteen noteworthy species, including, but not limited to the following.

Species Type Species
Present Not Present
Sea-Life Bre-Etvoy-Eda X
Cha-Etvoy-Irf X
Tuhi-Etvoy-Nas X
Olgi-Etvoy-Irf X
Insect-Like Alel-Hial-Eda X
Niha-Hial-Nas X
Petal-Hial-Eda X
Fa-Hial-Irf X
Amphibious Deve-Adred-Nas X
Eko-Adred-Eda X
La-Adred-Nas X
Imab-Adred-Nas X
Reptilian Bija-Illt-Eda X
Eeli-Illt-Eda X
Siu-Illt-Nas X
As-Illt-Irf X
Bird-Like De-Ogin-Nas X
Iobe-Ogin-Eda X
Hit-Ogin-Irf X
Towa-Ogin-Irf X
Mammalian Bijeko-Lisea-Nas X
Oble-Lisea-Eda X
Seasama-Lisea-Irf X
Giid-Lisea-Eda X