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Pictured: In the Wood of the Gamesmen, and the Afrikaanian Woodlands the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas tends to appear more orange, golden, or reddish-brown in coloration, whereas in other regions it may appear more gray or brown, or even green, as is the case in certain regions of central Corum.

A ferocious, solitary land predator, the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas is a prominent cause of concern for anyone crossing along the long highways of Northern Corum, especially for those individuals who risk traveling alone. Reaching sizes of up to three meters long, and weights of up to 700 pounds, this creature features a set of extraordinarily powerful jaws, which it uses to crush the skull of its helpless prey. In light of its fearsome reputation, hunters across the region often leave portions of their kills scattered across the country-side, as a sort of offering to this powerful predator.

In the contemporary views of the Pallisican Religion, the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas is closely associated with the Pallisican Host Spirit. The Bijeko, according to some Pallisican denominations, is the permanent companion of the Host Spirit. A Bijeko is also kept as a pet an constant companion of the Empress Díapaza Bréidle is also kept as a pet. This huge, 350 pound beast can be seen near the Empress during most public gatherings in which she is in attendance, as well as at the side of the Empress as she travels around to countryside.

Found in 6 out of 20 Pallisican cities in Corum, this species is common.

Hunting Calls

A large, solitary creature, the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas is an endurance predator which is known to stalk its prey for days or weeks at a time, sometimes across over one-hundred kilometers. Unusually, the Bijeko seems to have little regard for stealth or concealment. Rather than hiding itself, the Bijeko, while hunting, will frequently emit a very loud whistle, or chirping vocalization so as to constantly remind any prey of its presence. Hearing this frequent call, the prey of the Bijeko becomes increasingly stressed at the knowledge that it is being hunted, until it eventually goes insane and simply gives up its will to flee. This particular vocalization is well known to those who travel along the highways of Corum; those who hear it are known to immediately utter a special prayer for protection.

Below, a recording of the hunting call of the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas, recorded in the Afrikaanian Woodlands:

Hunting Call of the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas.


The Bijeko-Lisea-Nas can be found mostly be found in the highlands of central Corum, in regions which enjoy Mediterranean Climates.

The range of the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas extends across 16.70% of the landmass of the continent of Corum. Roughly 60% of the species' total range lies within the Inner Desert region of the Riponian Highlands, while 16.30% lies within the temperate regions between the Riponian Highlands and Lesser Riponian Mountains, and 23.2% of the species' habitat lies in the southern subarctic regions of the Gulf of Chamburr. Around 6% of the Bijeko's range occupies the region surrounding the northern region of the Central Riponian Mountains, while 3.1 lies to the west of the Lesser Riponian Mountains. Populations of Bijeko-Lisea-Nas have also been observed around the city of Mina, and in the coastal deserts of southeastern Corum. With that said, the Bijeko-Lisea-Nas thrives in particular abundance in the Mediterranean climates of the northern Riponian Highlands, such as those found in the Realm of Bayen.

There is also a population of Bijeko-Lisea-Nas in central Benacia - the descendants of a breeding pair gifted to the Kaizer of Shireroth, and in the Saint Andre Islands, where a number of specimen were introduced by wealthy merchants and pirates who kept them as pets.