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Vedasism symbol.png
Theology: Vedasism
Polity Sect
Origin Skerry Isles
Countries South Sea Islands
Divisions South Sea Vedasism, Origin Vedasism
Members 2363

Vedasism (Madison Isle Batavian: Vedasïsme) is a monotheistic religion devoted to the worship of different expressions of the creator god Namharb. Originating from the Skerry Isles during the Britannic Empire era, Vedasism today is primarily practised in the South Sea Islands.

Followers of Vedasism practise a wide variety of traditions, rituals and beliefs, and there is no central religious organisation. Only one Mandir (temple) currently exists on Micras, located in the city of Zuid-Richel, and many followers of Vedasism worship at home or at improvised shrines to specific manifestations of Namharb.


While it is widely known and acknowledged that Vedasism originated on the Skerry Isles during the Britannic Empire period, the origins on the religion are unknown and it is believed to predate modern historical records. Popular belief indicates that, during the creation of Micras, the god Namharb became frustrated and hurled great mountains into the air, causing them to fall in a scattered chain that would one day become the Skerry Isles. The islands are, for that reason, considered to be holy ground to this day.

Vedasism arrived in the South Sea Islands during a wave of migration from the Skerry Isles and worshippers there are known as South Sea Vedasists, while Origin Vedasists are a broadly unknown group thought to still exist in isolated areas of the Skerry Isles.

Zuid-Richel Mandir was established in 1550 in the Groenbuurt district of the city.


Namharb is the creator and only god of Vedasism and, while a large variety of other deities are worshipped, these are considered to be manifestations or representations of Namharb and not gods in their own rights. Namharb is not worshipped directly as his or her purpose, the creation of Micras, has already been fulfilled, and therefore worship is directed towards the representation of Namharb that best matches the believers needs in the moment.

Vedasism includes the twin philosophies of a cyclical universe, where reincarnation occurs and no being is ever made or destroyed, and cause and effect- essentially the belief that good actions bring good on the person acting, while bad actions have negative consequences.

The belief in reincarnation leads Vedasists to follow a strictly vegetarian diet, while cause and effect encourages acts of kindness


Ilawid, the festival of light, is the most well known and widely celebrated religious holiday of Vedasism. The celebration, the origins of which are unclear, involves the lighting of candle lanterns, the launching of fireworks and the construction of bonfires.

The largest Ilawid celebration on Micras takes place in Zuid-Richel, and the festival is a national holiday for the whole of the South Sea Islands.