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Nation: South Sea Islands
Population: 6,361
Predominant language: Britannic Istvanistani

Main roads: Oosterstraat, Museumplein, Koninglaan
Major districts: Hoogkerk, Groenbuurt, Prinsentuinen

Current mayor: Guus te Bokkel
ZR location.png
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Zuid-Richel is the largest city of the South Sea Islands and the provincial capital of Grand Wulfram.

Founded in 1553, Zuid-Richel is the oldest occupied settlement on Grand Wulfram, and it is also home to South Seas International- the only airport in the South Sea Islands.

The relatively mild climate of Grand Wulfram makes it an important agricultural region for the South Sea Islands, with the majority of food for nearby Trinity Island being shipped from Zuid-Richel's strategic seaport.


The island of Grand Wulfram was incorporated into the territory of the South Sea Islands in 1553, and the city of Zuid-Richel was founded as a provisional capital. While Trinity Island was predominantly settled by Britannic Empire descendants from Madison Isles, Grand Wulfram's milder climate attracted settlers from more temperate areas of the former empire. As a result, Zuid-Richel rapidly became significantly more diverse, and expanded rapidly to become the South Sea Islands' largest settlement.

The Zuid-Richel Seaport was formally opened in 1560, South Seas International Aiport following in 1665. The presence of these key transport hubs have contributed to the city becoming the economic powerhouse of the South Sea Islands.


Zuid-Richel is located in south eastern Grand Wulfram. Built on uplands several miles inland from the coast, the city enjoys a moderate climate with summer temperatures reaching a high off 22 degrees Celsius. The rural areas to the north and west of the city are intensively cultivated for agriculture, while the south and east are typically dominated by volcanic rock. The highest point on Grand Wulfram, Mount Martinus, stands at 290 metres above sea level and can be seen from the city's western side.


High-tech and precision manufacturing, agricultural support work for nearby military installations and e-commerce dominate the city's economy, with favourable tax arrangements also attracting international businesses such as the Honourable Company. Zuid-Richel's relatively small population has been a driver of innovation and automation within the manufacturing and agricultural sectors in particular, allowing the city to compete with significantly larger industrial centres.

South Seas International

The South Sea Islands' only civilian airport stands between Zuid-Richel and the coast, with fortnightly air bridge flights linking the city to West Grinstead International Airport in Mercury. The airport also serves an import hub for international imports and exports, with freight cargo account for the majority of the airport's activity.

Zuid-Richel Seaport

The state owned Zuid-Richel Seaport is the largest port in the South Sea Islands, and it is the only port in the nation capable of handling consignments of shipping containers. Twice daily ferries transport passengers and goods to and from Joseph Town, while the port is also able to accommodate cruise ships to support Grand Wulfram's tourist industry.

Bosworth Line

The Bosworth Line is the South Sea Islands' only railway line, linking the city to the Seaport via South Seas International. While the line primarily carries freight and agricultural produce, regular passenger services provide access to the airport, ferry services and the renowned black volcanic beaches of the Grand Wulfram coastline. The railway was named after Bosworth in honour of that nation's own innovative trade network.

Tourism Sector

Zuid-Richel plays an active role in the tourism industry of the South Sea Islands, with the city's transport links making it an easy gateway to the rest of the country. Grand Wulfram's wild volcanic uplands, black beaches and the city's own active cultural scene all play a part in attracting tourists, while travels can also enjoy cruises of the nearby icecap or take onward ferries to Trinity Island.