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New siekeria flag.png
Flag of New Siekeria
Total population
~250,000 (2018)
Regions with significant populations
Gerenia Gerenia ~250,000
Related ethnic groups

Siekerians (Siekerian: Siekerskie) are people originating from either the Republic of Siekeria in Libertas, or the New Siekeria Autonomous Republic in Gerenia.

Siekerians share their origin with Gerenians in planet Meeredres. However, whilst some Meeredrean Gerenians began settling in Micras in 2012, others migrated to Libertas, where they founded the Republic of Siekeria. This new nation developed rapidly, and eventually occupied a continent in Libertas' western hemisphere.

In 2015, the Gerenian government invited the Siekerians to settle in Micras. The aim was to allow Gerenia to increase both its territory and its population. Siekerians were promised they would have a great degree of autonomoy in Micras. The negotiations failed due to disagreements between the parties. Nevertheless, they were resumed two years later, and the government of the Republic of Siekeria agreed to send people to Micras. In the first stage, nearly 250,000 Siekerians arrived at Micras. They founded New Siekeria in early 2018.