SS. Endeavour

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HMNS Desire.jpg
In service with:
Commissioned as: HMNS Desire
Laid down: 1492 AN
Launched: 1495 AN
Decommissioned: 1500 AN
Renamed: 1500 AN
Fate: Wrecked (1501 AN)

The SS. Endeavour was a sailing ship of the South Sea Islands. Famous of its role in the Journey of the Frozen Tears the ship played a significant role in the founding of the South Sea Islands Commonwealth, having transported the nation's founding settlers from Madison Isles to their new home.

This article relates to the original ship, and not the later replica that was installed in Joseph Town in 1651.

Military use

When launched in 1495, the SS.Endeavour was known as HMNS Desire- a third rate ship of the line of the Nova English Navy. Primarily assigned to shore patrol duties, the Desire travelled extensively along the eastern coast of Keltia and made occasional visits to the Nova English dependencies in the Madison Isles.

The HMNS Desire was one of the last ships of its kind to be constructed for the Nova English Navy, as wooden sailing ships becoming increasingly irrelevant due to advances in armouring and motor propulsion.

After five years of active duty the decision was taken to decommission and break up the Desire in 1500.


While the ship had been destined for the scrapyard, a Royal Decree in autumn 1500 spared the ship from being broken up. Following extensive lobbying by displaced groups on the Madison Isles, the Nova English King gifted the decommissioned ship for civilian use by the groups.

Renamed the SS.Endeavour, the ships armaments were removed and the ship was fitted out for its longest (and ultimately final) voyage.

Fate & Legacy

The Journey of the Frozen Tears records the events of the SS.Endeavour's final voyage from the Madison Isles to Trinity Island in the South Sea Islands. At the conclusion of the journey the ship was grounded in shallow waters and progressively broken up by settlers for construction material and fire wood.

While the original ship no longer exists, the SS.Endeavour continues to feature prominently in the culture of the South Sea Islands. In addition to the replica of Endeavour constructed in Joseph Town, the ship is also featured on the Coat of arms of South Sea Islands.