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Rustam Bukhori Yazghulam

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Rustam Yazghulam, a Ḡurid Babkhan member of the All-Union Revolutionary Front.

Rustam Bukhori Yazghulam, Leader of the N&H Regional Sector Party in Ḡur and Ostāndār of the province on behalf of the Suren. Married to his paternal cousin Farah Yazghulam in 1677 AN The couple have two sons and a daughter, latterly joined by another daughter, an orphan whom they adopted following the revolution in 1688.



Hero of the Revolution, was formerly the First Secretary of the Central Committee for Security and Defence, General Secretary of the All-Union Presidium of the Republics, and Ostāndār of the Ḡur Republic

Following the occupation of Ḡur during the latter stages of the Third Euran War he was compelled to render submission to the Suren. In return he was restored to his position of Ostāndār as the territory was transferred to the Suren Confederacy as reparations for the Zeedic aggressio, under the terms of the 1701 Armistice of Alduria City.