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Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Victoria and the Victorian Empire
HM Government.png
Arms of Her Majesty's Government
Guido zambelis 1.png
Last holder
Guido Zambelis
until 29.XII.1583 AN

Style The Right Honourable
Residence 11 Carnegie Street
Appointer Monarch of Victoria
Term Confidence of the House of Lords
Inaugural holder Otto Svenstadt
Formation 1450 AN
Victorian Empire
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Politics and government of the Victorian Empire

The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Victoria and the Victorian Empire was the political leader of Victoria and her Empire and the Head of Her Majesty's Government. The Prime Minister and Privy Council (consisting of all Secretaries of State, who are government department heads) were collectively accountable for their policies and actions to the Sovereign, the House of Lords, and to the citizens of the Victorian Empire. The final Prime Minister, Guido Zambelis, was appointed on 6.VIII.1569 AN.



Office of The Prime Minister

Picture Name Period Monarch
Ottosvenstadt.png Otto Svenstadt 1450 - 1454 Victoria I
Andrewblack.png Andrew Black 1454 - 1455 Victoria I
Bjornbildt.png Bjorn Bildt 1455 - 1458 Victoria I
Carlhanspeter.png Carl Hans Peter 1458 - 1462 Victoria I
Llyodowen.png Llyod Owen 1462 - 1466 Victoria I
Hanslundeberg.png Hans Lundeberg 1466 - 1470 Victoria I
Alasdairmackenzie.png Sir Alasdair Mackenzie 1470 - 1482 Victoria I
Edward I
Henrysawyer.png Sir Henry Sawyer 1482 - 1486 Edward I
Georgegraham.png Sir George Graham 1486 - 1494 Edward I
Harrytilt.png Sir Harry Tilt 1494 - 1498 Edward I
Johanulriksson.png Johan Ulriksson 1498 - 1502 Edward I
James I
Nilssvendstadt.png Sir Nils Svenstadt 1502 - 1510 James I
George I
Eoincollins.png Eoin Collins 1510 - 1519 George I
Bjornanders.png Bjorn Anders 1519 - 1523 George I
Charleshaystock.png Sir Charles Haystock 1523 - 1527 George I
Annathornst.png Anna Thornst 1527 - 1531 George I
Gethindavidjones.png Gethin David Jones 1531 - 1535 George I
Roaldlarssund.png Sir Roald Larssund 1535 - 1543 George I
Victoria II
Amunddahl.png Amund Dahl 1543 - 1549 Victoria II
Henrycarmicheal.png Henry Carmicheal 1549 - 1552 Victoria II
Carllerfald.png Carl Lerfald 1551 - 1555 Victoria II
Johnborg.png John Borg 1555 - 1559 Victoria II
Geraldthanson.png Gerald T. Hanson 1559 - 1560 Victoria II
Andersstensen.png Anders Stensen 1560 - 1562 Victoria II
Jackbeatie.png Sir Jack Beatie 1562 - 1568 Victoria II
Marcevans1.png Marc Evans 1568 - 1569 Victoria II
Guido zambelis 1.png Guido Zambelis 1569 - 1583 Victoria II

Precedence, privileges and form of address

By tradition, before a new Prime Minister could enter 11 Carnegie Street for the first time as its occupant, they were required to announce to the Empire that they have bathed on the shores of Amundsen Bay, the place where Victoria I and her entourage landed on Micras for the first time. This was usually done by saying words to the effect of:

"Her Majesty the Queen has commanded that I bathe on the shores of Amundsen Bay, become First Lord and form a government. I have accepted."

The Prime Minister was made a Privy Counsellor as a result of taking office and thus entitled to the appellation "The Right Honourable". Membership of the Council was retained only for as long as he holds the position of Prime Minister. It was the prerogative of Her Majesty to allow former Prime Ministers to continue in the Privy Council should it have pleased her to do so.

While in office, the Prime Minister officially resided at 11 Carnegie Street in Riego and was also entitled to use the country house of White Cottage in Middleton.

Upon retirement, the Sovereign may have granted a Prime Minister some honour or dignity. The honour commonly, but not invariably, bestowed was membership of the Kingdom's most senior order of chivalry, the Order of Saint Andrew. The practice of creating retired Prime Ministers Knights of the Saint Andrew was fairly sparse. Out of the 27 Prime Ministers between 1450 and 1583, only 8 had been created Knights. The first being Sir Alasdair MacKenzie in 1482 and the last Sir Jack Beatie in 1568. On the retirement of a Prime Minister who was Valencian, it was likely that the primarily Valencian honour of the Order of the Valencian Star would have been used instead of the Order of Saint Andrew, which was generally regarded as a Victorian honour.

As Prime Ministers were appointed from the House of Lords and as such were already Dukes of the Realm, no peerages were given to a Prime Minister for the office he held.

The official title of a Prime Minister was First Lord of The Realm and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Victoria and the Victorian Empire. This dates back to 1569 when the House of Lords was formed in Victoria. Membership of the House of Lords was a prerequisite to holding the Office of Prime Minister, hence the former title of First Lord of the Realm.

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