Victorian Empire

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Victorian Empire
Kingdom of Victoria
1469 - 1583
Flagunifiedvictoria.png Unified Kingdoms Victoria Victoria flag old.png
Flag of Victoria
Royal coat of arms of the Victorian Empire
Coat of Arms
Motto: In life, we live
Anthem: Call of the North
Map of victoria old.png
Location of Victoria on the Apollonian Continent
Map versions Unknown
Capital Riego
Largest Duchy Buthnock
Official language(s) English
Demonym Victorian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 - Last Monarch Victoria II
 - Last Prime Minister Guido Zambelis
 - Legislature House of Lords
 - Unification 17.IV.1450
 - Constitution 17.IV.1450
 - Declaration of Alnwick 17.IV.1450
 - Act of Unification 18.VIII.1469
Currency Victorian Pound (VTP)
Abbreviation VCT
National website
National forum
National Bird The Sea Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla)
National Flower White Lilly (Lilium bulbiferum)
National Mammal Northern Raccoon (Procyon Lotor)
Patron Saint Saint Andrew
National Tree Victorian Spruce (Picea Victorianum abies)
For other similarly-named entities, see Victoria (disambiguation).

The Victorian Empire, previously the Kingdom of Victoria (Gaelic: Rìoghachd na h-Bhioctoria, Victs: Kinrick o Viktoria) was a sovereign state in North West Apollonia traditionally said to have been founded in 1450, which defuncted after joining the Kingdom of Gotzborg and becoming a constituent country of that realm in 1606 AN.


Government and politics

Local Government

Victorian overseas territories

International Organisations

Administrative Divisions


Duchy Arms Regional Capital 2nd City Abbreviation Flag Founded
Abbervale Abbervale1.png Amblebridge Westden AB Abbervale flag.png 1450
Adraisia Adraisia1.png Adraisia TBC AD Adraisia (Victoria) flag.png 1450
Buthnock Buthnock1.png Buthminster TBC BT Buthnock flag.png 1469
Dundas Dundas1.png Newhaven Whitekirk DA Dundas flag.png 1450
Glenmaye Glenmaye1.png Riego TBC GA Glenmaye flag.png 1469
Middleton Middleton1.png Thornton TBC MD Middleton flag.png 1469
Moncrieff Moncrieff1.png Cambridge Georgetown MC Moncrieff flag.png 1450
Orgyle Orgyle1.png Charleston TBC OR Orgyle flag.png 1469
Strathalmond Strathalmond1.png Port Clyde TBC ST Strathalmond flag.png 1450




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