Palace of Fjǫrleif

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The Palace of Fjǫrleif was once the seat of the Royal Parliament of Elwynn. For all intents and purposes it no longer exists, having been subject to a controlled demolition in 1653. It was a huge palace, the largest in Shireroth, having a height of 84 metres, a floor area of 365,000 square metres and a volume of 2,550,000 cubic metres. The palace was named in honour of the aunt of King Noah, Princess Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir who was the Prætor of the Landsraad. She had previously attempted to name the Landsraad palace after herself before a Landsraad resolution changed it to the Palace of Zirandorthel. It is believed that the King named the new palace after her as a consolation prize.

Construction began in 1623 and finished in 1635. It was located in central Eliria, becoming a landmark of Elwynn. The huge palace included private apartments for all members of the Royal Parliament, as well as offices for secretaries and other staff. Despite this, the building was largely empty with many hundreds of room struggling to be filled. The two main auditoria were the White Stagg Chamber and the White Orchid Chamber, housing the lower respectively upper houses of the Parliament. It had 8 underground floors, which remained with alterations (underground station and tracks, bunkers for the Elwynnese government etc.), until the Scouring in 1695.

Due to its association with Vanic Elwynn, it was decided in 1651 that the building would be replaced by residential and government buildings. The new republican government could not defend the maintenance of such a grand and empty building. It was stripped for parts and minerals (mainly gold, diamonds, crystals etc.), before being demolished.

After the demolition of its above-surface floors, the area was rebuilt with high-end residential buildings and government offices, with place for some commercial residents. The entire complex was completely destroyed during the Scouring of 1695.