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Oze IV

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His Illustriousness
Oze IV
Count Palatine of Highpass
Oze IV.jpg
Start of reign
  • 7.VII.1703 (24 years ago)
  • (3.VI.1698)
Predecessor Jaas II
Heir apparent Ozymandias Jaas Peet Niit n Taag
Kraapkunzeler Osmosis Preent
Sovereign Salome
Consort Dina (m. 1704)
Residence Passikraappaluts
Name Ozymandias Peet Humboolt Niit n Taag
House Niit n Taag
Father Jaas II
Mother Isabella-Miranda Noor
Born 20.XIII.1677 AN (50 years ago)
Fortis, Shireroth

Oze IV (Ozymandias Peet Humboolt Niit n Taag) is the current Count Palatine of Highpass. Oze IV became the pretender to the Highpassian throne at his father's death in 1698, and became the sovereign ruler of Highpass upon the victory of the monarchists over the Humanist regime in the Highpass Putsch. Unlike his predecessors under Shirerithian rule, he was the sovereign of Highpass between 1703 and 1715, when he resubmitted to Shireroth to ward off a possible democratic revolt. He still wields great personal power as a direct imperial subject of the Kaiseress.

He married Dina Wythe, daughter of Shirerithian steward Chrysostom Wythe, Count of Woodshire, and an heir to the Line of Wythe in an elaborate ceremony in Rhodondra on 12.II.1704. On 17.V.1704 the Passikraappaluts announced the pregnancy of Lady Dina. On 24.XV.1704 the Passikraappaluts announced the birth of the new heir apparent Ozymandias Jaas Peet Niit n Taag, displacing his uncle.

Through his mother, he was second in line to the throne of Whales, which his maternal grandfather, Daniyal ibn Daniyal holds, until 1713 (whereafter he was pushed down to the 9th place). He is also Knight of the Holy Lakes.

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