Mishti Lohani

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Dr. Mishti Lohani is a Natopian stateswoman, geographer, economist, and political scientist. She was born in 1631 in Lee's Summit, Tas Neemia, and moved to Tassity in childhood. She holds advanced degrees in economics and geography from the Coeducational Technical College in Tassity, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from The University of Frenzyville in Lindstrom. She is the current Secretary for Foreign Affairs, serving since 1678, is a member of the Imperial Court of Natopia as the Chamberlain of the Court of the Calm Waters and sits on the Imperial Council of Natopia.

As a long-serving member of the Imperial Court, Secretary Lohani has gained a great deal of trust with the Emperor, who relies on her to analyze the current geopolitical climate. She is a devout Bovic and practices the Dhurist rites of worship. She was a registered Bagelcratican, but resigned upon her appointment as Foreign Secretary. She believes in Natopian exceptionalism and is a staunch supporter of the Raspur Pact.