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For other similarly-named entities, see Lucerne (disambiguation).

The city of Lusa'aii or Lucerne was the capital of the former Mercurian territory of Lusa, prior to its relocation following the 2020 eruption of Montaña Blanca.

Nation: Lusa, Mercury
Population: 17,391
Predominant language: Lusana, English

Main roads: L1
Major districts: N/A

Current mayor: Vacant
Map versions:


The city was first settled by the Federal Kingdom of New Batavia. In its modern form, it was founded in mid-2012 when the dependency of Lucerne was established by Mercury. The city was a major trading hub between Mercury and North Antarctica.

The city was also the meeting place of the Government-in-Exile of the Islamic Internet Republic. On October 31, 2020 the city was renamed to Lucerne and became the de-facto capital of the Islamic Internet Republic.


Lusa'aii was located to the north of the island, on the Vaitafe le Lusa. The market square was located in the centre of the city, with the middle section of the square forming a dock.


Lusa'aii was a vibrant trading hub populated by businessmen and seafarers. It relied heavily on Napian tourism and trade.


The culture of Lusa'aii was based mainly on social gathering. The local football club Taulaga le Lusa N.V. would occasionally attract crowds of over 3,000 for matches against biggest rivals Samiai'i Malie.