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Kalkul Sahib

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Kalkul Sahib
Physical information
Species Human
Race Kalgachi
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black
Eye color Grey
Skin color White
Biographical information
Date of birth Katarsis City, Kalgachia
Allegiance(s) Raspur Raspur / Constancia Constancia

Years of service

Improbable survivor and privileged former kul-slave of the Raspur Khanate.

Born Katarsis City, Kalgachia to goatherd father and biochemist mother, both employees of Medkhoz dairy combine. Graduated Bergburg Gymnasium. Failed entrance examinations for University of Bergburg but secured internship with Directorate of Public Works as quantity surveyor. Gained reputation for shrewd negotiation of spot contracts with the church sector. Headhunted by Directorate of Labour and Economic Planning and assigned to Octavian Import-Export Corporation as emerging markets actuary, based in Nova England.

Subject to disciplinary proceedings for billing a visit to Aunt Rowena's Pleasure Parlour in Newcastle-Upon-Eastmoor (and subsequent medical treatment for unspecified genital malady) to the OIEC executive expenses account, a privilege strictly reserved for board members. Assigned solo trade mission to Raspur in lieu of dismissal after arbitration by Directorate of Tumultuous Wastes.

Overstayed visa and taken into bonded service in accordance with Raspurid law (reaction pictured to right). Employed as commissary agent (General Service Corps) until 1676; I.1670 - assessing scrap metal collected from ex-Bassarid railways in Aqaba and Nivardom provinces. III-IV.1670 - infrastructure and economic asset check. 06.V.1670 - reprimanded for misuse of government telephone. Retained on Life-Service Bond until 1675. Released from servitude and awarded citizenship along with a generous pension by the Khan of Raspur in 1676, in gratitude for services rendered in facilitating introductions conducive to high-level commercial exchanges including but not limited to the Floret-procurement on behalf of the ESB Group.

Appointed to Asylum and Refugees Commission in 1677. Married in the same year to the captive Mitradokht of Suren by order of the Khan as reward for useful service, and as a punishment upon the House of Suren for its part in the Second Euran War.

Surenid service

Said to be comfortably ensconced in a sinecure appointment as Astabadh in the Suren Confederacy as of 1.XV.1690 AN. Part of the Delegation of the Suren Confederacy to the Committee of Euran Salvation in 1708. Served in this post until 1713 AN. Posted to Kalgachia as a minister-plenipotentiary in the year of his retirement.