Coat of arms of Hurmu

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Coat of arms of Hurmu
Hurmu coat of arms.png
Armiger The Order of the Holy Lakes in right of Hurmu
Adopted 1476
Escutcheon Argent, six Hurts

The coat of arms of Hurmu is the heraldic symbol of Hurmu, Hurmu's government, and the Order of the Holy Lakes. Blazoned Argent, six hurts, the coat of arms features six blue rounders (hurts) on a white background (argent). The colours represent the colours of the sky (as Hurmu literally means "sky" or "heaven"), with blue the sky itself and white the clouds on it. The colours are also found also in Hurmu's flag, and the six roundels refer to the six Holy Lakes of Hurmu. The coat of arms was granted to Hurmu by High King Harald of Stormark in 1476 when recognizing the Hurmu Tribes' right to remain independent and without suzerainty to the Storish high king. Currently, the armigers, that is the legal persons who may carry the coat of arms without differentiation, are the government of Hurmu (legislature, executive and judicature) and the Order of the Holy Lakes. Members of the Order of the Holy Lakes may incorporate the coat of arms of Hurmu in their personal coat of arms, but may not display the undifferentiated coat of arms of Hurmu as their own.

Alternative rendering of the blazon

Shield of Hurmu

The Shield of Hurmu. Adopted in 1563.

The Shield of Hurmu, is based on a vertical flying of the flag of Hurmu. In its centre is a sun, one half white, one half blue, in front of a field that is divided equally in blue and white. It is not a heraldic symbol, though similar to it, and is occasionally used by Hurmu, particularly the Hurmu national football team. The shield is believed to have been adopted in the 1540s by executive decision of the Chairman of the Senate. No law enacted it thus. The Shield of Hurmu was designed by the Heraldic Authority of Normark and given to Hurmu as a gift by Normark's king Johann I Einhorn upon the establishment of friendship between Normark and Hurmu and finding a shared culture and language between them. The Hurmu government then saw the new shield as a more accurate and recognizable reflection of Hurmu nationhood, as it reflected the flag of Hurmu better.

In 1694, the Parlerment of Hurmu reconfirmed the coat of arms of Hurmu (Argent, six hurts) as the official heraldic devise of Hurmu. As such, the Shield of Hurmu was relegated to unofficial status.