Cledwyn Starshade

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Cledwyn Starshade
Cledwyn Starshade.png
Full name Cledwyn Starshade
Physical information
Species Human
Race Hazel
Gender Male
Hair color and style Brown hair in a ponytail
Eye color Black
Skin color white
Biographical information
Father Gruffydd Starshade
Mother Ceri Evencaller
Date of birth 1641 AN
Place of birth Moonoak Thicket, Natopia (Tarsica)
Residence(s) Sacred Glade, Flaventia
Nationality Natopian
Allegiance(s) Natopia
Occupation Duke of Hazelwood

Cledwyn Starshade is the husband of Clara Sundara and the father of her four children: Lisa, Carl, Stav, and Fen. The eldest three were born while Clara was married to another man. After Clara and Cledwyn's marriage in 1681, Cledwyn formally adopted his own biological children, thus giving them his family name. He is an accomplished hazkisi magick practitioner and spends every fourth week back in Hazelwood teaching new Hazel druids the ancient magick.

Cledwyn and Clara first began their romantic and sexual relationship in 1663 and continued their romance throughout their lives, despite careers and other relationships.

He lives in Modan Hamlet with his family, but longs to return to the Great Hazel Woods, which he and Clara spent their youth replanting. Clara has indicted that she may be willing to relocate to Natopia to raise her children in the Hazel lifestyle.

He has lived in Hazelwood with his wife and children since the Drak-Modani Civil War caused his wife to leave Drak-Modan. He continues to teach hazkisi magick in the Sacred Glade while Clara handles ducal affairs in Hazelwood City.